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Now you see Santa's head... Now you don't see Santa's head.... The baptism of Valentina.
My zone. Paulita teaching me ballet. Paulita's baptism. Our ward mission leader and his family. Elder Curtis is leaving me in 9 days!
Me and Elder Christensen from Olympus! Even bigger lips...... Me and Elder Duncan..... a newby. My Wingers' sauce is almost gone!!
A blast from the past..... Elder Clawson! Cottle, T-Curt and me. Me with a new investigator and my best bud from Conce, Ariel. The front of the shirt we made for Elder Shumway. A shirt we made for Elder Shumway.
Me with a cool sword. Elder Heyman is sick!  Like, really sick.....not just cool sick! The baptism of Luis. :) Me and Elder Luzuriaga at the Concepcion Temple site.
Me and Elder Luzuriaga at President's beautiful home. Dress-ups from Mexico. Me with President and Sister Arrington Me and my comp Elder Luzuriaga.  He's incredible.
Sometimes I like to write songs and play them on the ukulele. :) Me and Elder Rees who's going home today.  He taught me everything I know. Out with the old, and in with the new. :(    :) 18th of September BBQ picture. BBQ with my cute little friend and her family.
Part of my zone at our P-day BBQ. Elder Holt and Elder Reyes. Luis Baptism The baptism of Luis. :)
My desk. Me and Elder Reyes. My first baptism in Talcahuano.  I love this family. International drink. :) A new family in Talcahuano.
Oscar's (Tata) Baptism. Me and my MTC comp. and best bud, E. Cottle. Elder Ratto getting the Mapuchi earache treatment. The entire Chile Concepcion Mission.
BBQ at our Elders' Quorum President's house!  Sooooooo good! Me and the Elders' Quorum President.  He's so awesome. I love with this great elder from St. George. Me and Elder Ratto on our way to Concepcion. At our Mission Conference in Concepcion.
Ya gotta love these cheeks! Me and Elder Turner at the Mission Conference. Future missionary.....thumbs up and everything! What an incredible day. Me and my new companion, Elder Ratto, with Dafne and Janina.
Me and Elder Auela-Filitaula having some lunch. Saying good-bye to Elder McClellan before going home. :( Good-bye Elder McClellan :( Us with the Family Carrasco Salazar. Me in a field....
TEBOW! Cyro juice.....and my bike. Me in Parral. My MTC comp. Elder Cottle.  Feels like home. Saying good-bye in Penco.
Good-byes in Penco. Good-bye to a great family in Penco. I'm going to miss everyone in Penco. First time choppin' wood in Chile! Hermana Jara, her mother, me and Elder Clawson.
Juliet's family at her baptism. Juliet's baptism.  It was so awesome. Neither one of us know what to do with an ax. Good-bye to the Jaras in Penco. Me and my buddy Pedro from Conti.
I got to have lunch with my friends from Conti. Me with Krishna and her friend. I need these when I edge the lawn back home! Yeah.  Nice bed. Juliet's family.
Juliet's family at her baptism. Me and Elder Clawson with Hermano Danilo, Juliet's uncle. Juliet's baptism. Hermana Jara's brother. The back of Hermana Jara and her brother.
Hermana Jara and her brother. Me and my buddy Elder Clawson.  I'll miss him. Hermana Jara's mother. Me and Elder Curtis. This red hoodie has seen a lot of sights!
My awesome surfer-boy companion Elder Clawson. Hard at work in the planning phase... My Zone. Havin' fun in Chile! The art of the matching sweaters...... :)  It makes for a great conversation starter.
Elder Curtis thinks I'm getting fat! Me and my Oly Boy Elder T-Curt after playing B-Ball. A family I taught in Conti....that got baptized!  Luis, Clara & Ignasia with Jorge. "Hola....Elder Holt....." Lunch today :)
Me on a Vespa we used as an object lesson. Me, Elder Clawson and our buddy who is going to Brazil. Love these missionaries. Handsome and Beautiful Group. The Family Valenzuela - Julien, Natalia and Barbara were all baptized.
Me and Elder Sepulyeda. Me, Elder Clawson, and a Bear/Monkey thing. What a gorgeous site.....oh, and the sunset is beautiful too ;) My new companion and best bud, Elder Clawson. Sweetest lady....fixing the rip in my pants while I wait!
Yup.....Riiiippppppped a whole in my pants playing soccer! Saying goodbye in Conti. Saying goodbye in Conti. Saying goodbye in Conti. Saying goodbye in Conti.
Saying goodbye in Conti. Saying goodbye in Conti. Saying goodbye in Conti. My buddy and companion, Elder Vasquez. The Martinez Family.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama! Lovin' the Chilean life. Beachin' It with my zone. P-Day at the beach. Viva Chile!
My District at the beach. Me and E. Vasquez. Me by Church Rock. Me and Elder Vasquez, my new comp. Chillin' before the baptism.
I love this family. Baptism of a sweet mother and daughter we found. My Zone. My Zone. I've never had better watermelon in my life!
Side view of our handmade cigarette box. Our version of cigarettes. Me and Elder Paz with our Bishop and his family. My District plus some extras in Talca. Us in Talca.
The Young Adults in our ward. My District. Me and my buds. Noche de Hogar at Gaby's house. Me and my buddy Elder Fuller.
Me kinda working out! Noche de Hogar meal. Me with Elder Falcon. Thoughtful in a field. Me with the big rock!
Huge rock with hundreds of birds. Japanese Gardens in Chile? Me and the ocean pier. Me under the pier. Me on the railroad tracks.
20 Years Old! The finished product.  Virgin Terremotos! Ingredients for Terremotos. My birthday party. Me drinking a Terremoto (Earthquake) on my birthday.
A birthday picture from my best buddy Sam Williams in the Chile Rancagua Mission Birthday party with the Famillia Burnos. Cute daughter of the Burnos Famillia. Tinker Toy Tank at the home of the Famillia Burnos. Children playing.
Elder Holt in Constitucion. Mi y mi hermano Elder Falcon. The house we moved to the campo. What a difference shoe polish can make! Merry, Merry Christmas baptism.
Baptism of Maria Jose and Maria Inez.  They were so happy. Gaby's baptism.  Best Christmas gift ever. Gaby's baptism.  She is AWESOME! The baptism of sweet Maria. Feliz Navidad Everyone!
I must have been good this year! Fun at the ward Christmas party! Anyone hungry?   :) Completos at the ward Christmas party. Look Elder Holt!  Our noses are just like Rudolph's!
Went all the way to the Jumbo store in Talca for this, haha. Enjoying the Christmas Devotional with my friend. E. Carvajal and E. Holt, back together again. Me with my trainer, Elder Carvajal. My buddy, my friend, my brother......T-Curt!
Me and Elder Hernandez in our red Christmas ties. Christmas Devotional in Talca. My comps WEARING the gifts from my fam. Gifts from my fam to my comps. Jazz Bling from Bryan, Ange, Ben, Rae, Sam and Ty.
Opening my Christmas packages. Three packages in one day!  I'm not gonna lie....I cried! Disco Christmas Tree. My First Chilean Christmas Tree. On a bus to Talca, sportin' my new Jazz Gear from the Seagles.
Merry Christmas to Elder Holt.....from awesome family. Christmas gifts from awesome family. Lots of money.....none of it mine, haha! Happy, Happy Wedding Day of Leslie and Edwardo. Leslie and Edwardo's wedding.
Leslie and Edwardo's baptism.  I love these guys. Noche de Hogar in the ward.  We played Minute to Win It. Me with Elders Paz and Falcon. I think you'll like it. Making a Christmas gift for my family.
Weird Sprite bottle. One lone fried Mexican crickett. Just grillin'. BBQ Food.....YYYUUUUUUMMMM. BBQ with members.
Me and Elder Falcon, my Argentine brotha. Fishin' in the ocean. Me and my companion on our fishing trip. This one's for you mom. Me with my friend Josephina and Elder Paz.
Me and Elder Paz with our Bishop. Elder Clause Santa Holt My desk. My bed....bottom left bunk.
This one is for my sister Emmy. The gift of McDonalds from Brother Pulsifer.  So sweet. Spring in Constitucion. Me with my homemade burritos.  Yes, I made them with bean dip! Talca Baby!
Sightseeing Elder in Talca. The view from our hike in Talca. Cool statue huh? My beloved Conti. Halloween in Chile!  Yikes!
Me , Seba, and Elder Paz with our stud Ward Mission Leader. My buddy on the mish. Me and E. Paz with 2 of our 500 balloons! Blowing up 500 wedding balloons.  Now that's service! Super Sebastian at his baptism Saturday.  Man, I love him.
Packages from Heaven....uh....I mean Home :) Me and my new companion Elder Paz. Caves on the beach. "Elder Holt" on the beaches of Constitucion. Manjar is the best/most unhealthy thing ever!
Happy Birthday with a manjar cake to the Texan Elder, Elder Larsen! Me and my trainer, Elder Carvajal at a conference. Me and Tanner Curtis have been friends since we were 8.....We FINALLY get to see each other! I was so lucky to know these great people. I think this was the hardest good-bye of all....Pedro and his family.
Another great family I am going to miss. I am going to miss this awesome family. Good-bye to my little singing friend. Good-bye to our Ward Mission Leader. My good-bye sign.
I LOVE Chile! The beach is incredible. How can I ever say good-bye to this? :( Two of my favorites. Me and my favorite couple - The AWESOME CLAWSONS.
Me and Francisca.  Sweet, Sweet Day. Francisca and her family. Perfect! "Spiritual" Family Night in Chile. Family Night in Chile!
The elders in the car they smile and smile, smile and smile, smile and smile.... Beautiful Chileans. Very appropriate name tag.... :) Wishin' I was fishin' with this Chilean. Elders on the beach.
Football on the beach.....what could be better? Yes.....I dominated at football! Ward mission leader and his wife.....and me. I love these guys. Traditional costumes for September 18th celebration.
Monopoly in Spanish?  Maybe I can FINALLY beat my mom. Me and Elder McClellan with our party hats on for one of the many September 18th Celebrations. The enemy is still alive?  Really?  Do I look like "The Enemy?" Another soccer P-Day......Oh Joy......hahaha! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jose and the Clawsons!
Me and (? forgot to tell my mom who this good looking' elder is). Me, Elder McClellan, etc. Ward TALENT NIGHT and YMCA at its best! Me with PIZZA! PIZZAS!
Jose's Familia. Us with Jose and his girlfriend. Me and My "Beast" Jose! Jose's Baptism.  He's AWESOME!
Chilean Graffiti! Chilean Vegetable Called Nalca. Me and Elder Cottle at our Mission Conference.
Me and Elder Lopez. I LOVE the beach! Cool cave by the water. Hank would LOVE this place! BEAUTIFUL missionary by the BEAUTIFUL ocean.
The BEAUTIFUL ocean. ME in all MY glory! The "King Kong" in all its glory! Eyeee Matieeeeee..... Pedro's and his awesome family (including Krishna) at his baptism!
Pedro JUMPING FOR JOY! Love this boy! Me, Pedro and Elder Carvajal. Pure and clean.....this kid is so incredible! Great day for Pedro AND me!
My new WATERPROOF gloves from my Aunt Sally & Uncle Mike. Another girl who was getting baptized that day, Fernanda and Krishna. Apartment Sweet Apartment. Family night!  These are two of the hats Grandma Marie made for me to give away. Me with Fernanda and Elder Carvajal.
Fernanda just waiting to be baptized! Krishna's Baptism! Krishna with me and E. Carvajal. Our humble home.....mine is the top bunk! Chilean Chocolate Chip with Krishna.
Krishna's family. Mud football! Me and Elder King (he lives next door  to Boscos). A tree into a house.  Go figure! It doesnt stop raining here.... it just rains.... and rains.. but i love it.
President and Sister Humphrey with our investigators Alex and Letecia.. These shoes already have tons of miles on them! All my buddies. Me and "Chancho". My companion, E. Carvajal at physical therapy.
Me in rainy Concepcion.  Beautiful. These kids are the cutest!!! Me in beautiful Chile (this is my mom's favorite pic so far). Me and ..... (my mom will find out from me next week!).
Me and (his hand is covering his name tag and my mom can't read it!). Concepcion! The ocean. My pension building in Concepcion.
Elder and Sister Clauson at the market (they take such good care of us). A view of Concepcion. Our church. Sunsets in Chile.....ahhhhhh. Seriously Delish!
A "toast" to missionary work! Another pic of me and E. Carvajal. Happy as can be! Us with Hermano Marcus at church. Ketchup in a squirt bag.....whoda thought.....
Chilean Market. Eating empanadas at Hermana Luz and Hermano Marcus' home. Me in front of our Stake Center. Me and my new friends from Provo. Me and E. Carvajal at church.
The view from the Concepcion Mission Home. Me and my very First Companion...E. Caravajal. This concoction is known at the "King Kong"! Me and my new Companion Elder Carvajal.  He's a stud! Me with President and Sister Humphrey and my new Companion Elder Carvajal.
Me with Brother and Sister Humphrey, my Mission President and Mission Mom. Me and E. Cottle on our way to Santiago. "Up, Up, and AWAY......" My last goodbye..... Just chillin
My official "ticket to ride." Kevin in his "Mouse" ears. Me and Elder Cottle Letters from home and V's. Talkin' to my mom.
Best comp. ever! Proudly wearin' my name tag. Me and Cottle making it past security. My plane from SLC to LAX waiting for me. You're Buggin' Me!
Look at these Seagle Lips! My Comp.....lookin' sweet with the yellow flower! Me and Sams. Me and Sister Seagle.  Any resemblance? "The Force" is definitely with me!
Me and E. Cottle in front of the Provo Temple. Me with E. Fukofuka just chillin Me with Sister Damron from good ol' Oly 3rd Ward. My first haircut at the MTC Handkerchiefs sent to me from a kind Sister Packer from the hospital.
Me and Elder Steele in my District. I'm trying a new hairstyle.....a part! Me with his new hairstyle, and Elder Hamp. Like my part? Me and my buddy in front of the Provo Temple
Me with my new Christmas scarf from the Pritchetts. District in the snow! First snow in the MTC? Lovin' the snow Me with Elders Cottle and Fukofuka.
Me with my cousin Jordie.....uh....Sister Seagle I mean. My new best friend.....Elder Fukofuka. I love this guy! Me and Elder Sam Josephson (Oly Boy). Me and Elder Nash (going to Argentina).
My District on St. Patrick's Day! My Man......Elder Fukofuka. Sending a letter home to my fam. We'll go where you want us to go, Dear Lord. My DISTRICT!!!
Me and Elder Fukofuka. Good lookin' group.....good lookin' ties..... Me and my comp with a Elder Dance and Elder Henry. Lovin' my District.
This laundry room would be HEAVEN for my mom! Me with my comp Elder Cottle after getting my appendix out at UVH. What?  There are verbs in Spanish? Studying hard and learning a lot. Mr. Thomas, my Jr. High Spanish Teacher, would be so proud.
Me and Oly Boy Elder Long Me and Elder Chipman from my Stake. Me and Elder Nash. Oly Boys Elders Hamp, Long, Brasher, Holt, Curtis and Nelson. Me and one of my teachers (is my mom's best guess).
Me and my Rugby Brother Elder Fitzgerald. My AWESOME District Parted Hair for Everyone! Check out these ties! My mom blew this picture up into a 16x20 for over the fireplace.
Samson, Cy, and Taylor to meet Austin MTC Austin drop off Me and my Grandma Marie at the MTC. Me and my sisters eating at Philly CheeseSteak before the MTC. Me and Elle.
Me and Ellis on departure day. Me and Emmy on departure day. she is the best sister ever!!!!!!! Me and my family at the MTC. Me and my comp, Elder Cottle...first day in the MTC. Me and Elder Curtis....first day for me in the MTC!
MTC drop off.  Emmy, Ellis, Cy and Hank MTC drop off.  Samson Nelson, Cy Holt, Taylor Brasher. Me and my Bishop, Bishop Ellis at my setting apart. Me and my Stake President, President Buie at my setting apart. Me and my Grandparents Holt at my setting apart.
Me and Seagles at my setting apart. Dinner the night before I left at Bonzai. Me and Josh Nielson at my farewell. Me and my buddy Sam Williams at my farewell. Me and Uncle Rob at my farewell.
Farewell dinner with Seagles at Iggys. Me and Elder Curtis at his setting apart. Me and my fam went to the Chilean Deli for my 19th birthday. Me and my Grandma Wilna at the SLC Temple
February 27th, 2017 Elder Holt has returned home.
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