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Date: April 04, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Delgado



Driving here in Moz is quite a thrill ride watching out for people, pot-holes, bikes, cars, cats and dogs, speed bumps, etc. It is very stressful. I have a hard time focusing in lessons because I get so exhausted from all of the adrenaline that I feel like I have to have in order to be alert and drive safely. On the positive side, I don't know if I have ever slept better (or earlier for that matter) here on the mission.

Aside from the heart-attack-inducing driving, our area is growing and we are really trying to reach out to people. There are quite a few non-members that need a little spiritual chambouco (hitting stick) to the cabeca (head) if you know what I mean. So basically we are doing our best to love them and help them understand what's up in life.

On my Bad Health Warning scale, I am on level green--nada mal. On the other hand, my Insanity Warning scale sometimes puts me on level crimson red--which only means that I'm in perfect growing condition! I have learned that if you feel like you are running the gauntlet or if people, places, or things are smacking your brains out, that means you are in a good place. Haha. Whom the Lord loves, he chastens. The best thing you can do is slap a big 'ol happy smile on your face and charge! Sometimes the people here drive me crazy. I feel like I'm dealing with children but the Lord taught me something important this week. Even annoying little children have inside them an honorable and inspiring man or woman. Our responsibility is to help bring that man out. I am grateful to be a part of that growing process.

I hope Conference was wonderful. Haha I watched some of it at Elder and Sister Bonini's house (brazillian couple) the first 5 min. or so of Elder Uchtdorf's talk. All in portuguese of course. It looks good. We will be watching it here in a couple of weeks.

Q's & A's

1. Yes! I did get your pictures thank you! I would say probably the best batch of pictures I have received yet!

2. Manga 1,2, and 3 are branches. Just like Cedar Hills 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc.

3. I love the capela here! It is beautiful! I also like being in a branch. I don't have to do EVERYTHING anymore. Just most everything. haha. I miss the portuguese of Maxixe and Inhambane. They had a higher degree of education and spoke portuguese well. Here... well they "talk a good portuguese" If you get what I mean.

4. My comp is super chill. He is very spiritual and knows how to testify. Powerhouse.

5. I go to church at the capela or in other words chapel

6. As far as toilets go, well... I have not yet experiences the "cement slab" yet. Things are a little bit different in the house (as with every missionary house in Africa). They put in all the money for the members (which is how it should be) and so we just learn to get along without. For example, our washer is right next to the toilet. The washer has no where to drain so we crafted ourselves a crafty device in such a manner that the water is able to drain into the toilet. Our crafty device of craftiness? The draining hose on the washer is tied to a broken plastic broom pole by means of a plastic Shoprite bag. We pick up the broken broom pole and put it in the toilet to let the water drain. Nice huh? What happens when you have to use the bathroom and the washer is going. Well ya get creative. Sometimes you kinda have to sit funny on the toilet seat but it all works out in the end. I think I deserve a toilet trophy for Outstanding Performance in Third World Plumbing.

Other than that, things break and we do our best to fix them. Our water tank or something broke this morning and so it looks like we will be hand washing close, taking Jungle Dumps and bucket showers.

Other than that, life goes on! Keep being awesome and Enjoy life!

With much love,

"Elder Mee-ler"


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