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False Traditions

Date: April 11, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Delgado


The Tradition of Letter Writing! Africanisms!

You might be in Africa if...

1. You buy a notebook to write in and you realize it is from China--that means it is built backwards! Tons of stuff here comes from China!

2. The flood caused by three days of hard hard raining doesn't make it on the news. haha. I have never seen it rain so hard. Seriously drops that size of cups! That ain't no lie! We tried to drive around to visit people but the rain was too loud, everything was flooding and our car was getting stuck. As we tried to leave one house, I was trying to drive out and there was a puddle. I knew it was going to be bad so we put in the super 4 wheel drive and I just didn't stop. Well. The water came up to my window! Haha. I couldn't do anything except for laugh like I was insane and press a little harder on the gas pedal. I was afraid the engine was going to flood. So after about 30 meters of being a boat we finally got out. Haha! Intense! People told me that this was pretty regular. It is this season that families get up on the table to sleep because their house is completely flooded. Unfortunately houses even get destroyed. What a crazy place. Doesn't even make it in the news. Haha. That's too normal.

3. Oranges are green, but still delicious, Avocados are about 4 times the size they are back home, and lots of weevils get into your oatmeal to spoil your weeks supply of breakfast. So what do you do? Elementary dear Watson! Knowing the physical properties of the common weevil, one can suppose that the weevil is in some manner boyant, and thus all it takes is a little extra water and some stirring and the weevils float to the top, where you can thereby take a spoon to excavate them. After that, its only a matter of cooking. Haha. Oh the things you do to survive.

4. When you say, "I'm going to China" it means "I'm going to do internet at the Chinese shop on the other side of town." So I guess I can say I have been to China--but not really.

5. You go to Sacrament Meeting and you are trying to have a good lesson but the congregation from the church across the street is screaming/singing their brains out. Haha. But you can't shut the windows cause it gets too hot. Oh well.

Haha. What a nice tradition.

Speaking of traditions, we are working really hard on trying to rid our branches (hereafter referred to as ramos) of false traditions. Super false traditions - like some stuff other churches do. Missa do setimo dia (can't take the baby out of the room it was born in until after 7 days which on the 7th day includes partying--a dangerous tradition which adds to the high infant mortality rate), missa de seis mezes (they have a mass and a "party" to celebrate one week of a deceased persons death, then the month mark, then the three month mark, then the six month mark then the year mark.... Personally why do that to yourself? I don't know. Traditions....), etc. I guess a branch in Manga is doing it (without permission) and supposedly the wife of the pres is introducing a lot of false traditions into the ramos by way of her father who is a pastor of some other apostate church somewhere. SO! Problems that need fixing. Haha. Cause that is how the Nephites lost it. Good thing we have a good president who is crazy about fixing false traditions. Hand-picked by the Lord!

As far as other funky stuff that I have heard, President said that he intends to open up Quelimane and Xai-Xai here in a little bit. I think Quelimane will be next transfer but we will see. Other news. We are getting rid of the Manga Zone Leaders and fusing Beira and Manga to just be one big Beira Zone kinda like they did in Maputo to Matola. That is this next transfer so one thing is for sure, I won't be a Manga Zone Leader next transfer. They are going to be assigning only 1 dupla for each ramo basically. I think president wants people to use the members more (which is needed a ton) to try to transfer the leadership focus from the missionaries to the members. That will help a ton with reacts and long-term membership. Branch councils are being stressed more because that is how we retain our members. Hopefully all goes well.

But also on the Zone Leader deal, they are going to be creating a zone in Chimoio. So just a guess on my part, I think I'm going to be transferred to Chimoio next transfer cycle with a companion from chimoio. Supposedly they will take care of Chimoio and Tete and the rumour is Nampula too but I doubt that. Anyhow. It's gonna be "Biggie Boss" up north for the ZL's of Chimoio! Crazy!

Here it is getting colder. I'm not sweating! That is a phenomenon! haha. So things are going a-ok. I am starting a super diet because I am accumulating quite the gut. Not too cool. It is hard to eat healthy here. It consists of only fruits and veggies, a little chicken and eggs for protein, and occasional rice (brown rice of course). We will see how it goes.

Here comes a pic! Don't know if you already have this one. It is my awesome capulana suit. Love you all and keep the commandments!


Elder Miller


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