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A Package from Home

Date: April 18, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Delgado


Good Morning America!
And Family!
PAK-to-the-EDGE! PACKAGE! I got my Easter package! What do you know!? and for me it was probably the ultimate package ever! The only thing that would have made it absolutely perfect is BBQ sauce (we have ketchup here but it is missing something. Missing Ingredient? Freedom.) But nonetheless you have done well. I should be getting plenty of BBQ sauce in a bit. The APs called me and asked if I had a package that I was supposed to receive in November. I said yes. Haha. So it is here but it is still in costums. I suppose the APs just didn't want to go through the trouble of getting it out for me. Or something. But that is all changed now. I guess I might have to pay 100 bucks if I want it but I told them that I would pay it. They are going to see if they can get it to me. Make sure that everything is still there and such. So hopefully that will do well. If that is the case, I should get plenty of Ketchup and BBQ sauce that will last me a while. Anyhow. I guess the lesson in the end is that if you want to send a big package, make sure you send it 6 months in advance. Or don't send one. I don't know. Haha. For me, small packages are the best. :-)
By the way, Luke and Grace your letters were awesome! Cute and Funny! I laughed and so did my comp! And the Pictures look super nice! I can't wait to join you guys!
The floods aren't a problem for us. Zambezia is a long way away from us.
Josh, when you tryout for chamber the secret is, sing with your heart! Just let it out. It will all be fine.
Mom. Is the Bill phillips thing something you can do without weights? That is the key. Right now we have P90X which doesn't need a ton of weights but ya. Maybe a stretch cord would be nice. If you think it is worth it, you can send the body plan. If not, keep it for when I get home.
Transfers happened a while ago. Like 2 weeks or so. But ya. I'll let you know when the next transfers are.
Well we are working to improve spirituality and reverence with our Elders here and our Wards. I'm not impressed with it right now so... That's our focus! They are great guys but we need great Elders. I almost hit a drunk guy today. It is really bad. They just run out into the middle of the road so you have to be careful. Unfortunately it happens too often. The sad thing is that he was drunk at 8 in the morning! Wake up, get plastered, sleep, repeat. Sad life. Hopefully instead of being hit with a car, he gets hit with the word of wisdom sometime when he is sober. That would help.
If you are a missionary in Africa and typing at a computer, you might think it is ironic when...
1) your mouspad is called "Hell Devil--Professional Mouse Pad" complete with blistering "Hell of the Dead" fire-flame skulls. And then after getting at this point the internet goes down at China and so you write what you wrote (but only in summary) so you can retype it at the other way better internet place and then send some pictures too. Haha. Sorry. it happens.
Anyhow, hopefully the pics are good. Sorry for the short letter this week but hey, what can you do after you type for an hour and the internet goes down? haha. Tchao!
Elder Miller
PS Love you and keep the commandments


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