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One Year Anniversary

Date: May 23, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Workman


To the Whos down in Whoville,

Well I told my comp and all the other Elder's that we would celebrate Hump Day this week for my one year mark. They turned a little pale when I said that but after a brief explanation, I think they got the point. Apparently there was some confusion. ;-)


1. Food that I would eat here..... that previously I wouldn't have eaten at home.... I don't know. I guess I could try pickled beets again. Other than that, I don't know. haha

2. Weight... Well it depends on the week and the scale I use. I have weighed anything from about 70-85 kilos. haha. So... Take the average of that and I weigh about 77ish kilos. That's kinda alot for me but I went straight from running half marathons to not running hardly at all. What do you do? I'm gaining muscle though so that's good. I basically just do push ups and sit ups because there is nothing else to do. haha. As far as working out goes, it is very primitive.

3. Favorite part of the day would be about 5 o'clock because it is a little cooler and the mosquitos haven't come out yet.

As far as stories for this week:

We had an investigator whose mom passed away due to sickle-cell anemia. She was pretty sick and had no stamina whatsoever. Gratefully our investigator Angelo understands the gospel incredibly well and has taken it very well.

I ran over a cat yesterday. Haha. Again nothing I could do but it was pretty epic. Victims of Elder Miller thus far: One dog, one cat, and a couple chameleons. hopefully the next one is a rat. I just hope it's not a goat or a person.

I became a bouncer in sacrament meeting. haha. There are just too many people (especially kids without there parents watching them) who come in and go out non-stop. It disrupts the reverence. So Elder Workman and I cracked down a little bit and made them sit still and stuff. We plan on devising a method in which we can maintain reverence via specific times to open and shut the doors. I am realizing the importance of being an usher and how it can be taken to the next level.

While cooking in our kitchen last night, we opened up some fruit and within a matter of minutes, there was a swarm of bees in the kitchen! Recognizing the present danger, we abandoned our fruit and ran for cover. None of us took a hit but we were definitely concerned with the 50-60 bees swarming around in our small kitchen. Elder Workman, with Teancum-like courage, decided to take pre-emptive action. Armed with the word of God (a rolled up Liahona) and a shirt, shoes, and service (and pants too) he deftly meandered amongst the bees and like a Lamanite warrior, bravely swated in succession as many bees as he could lay his justice upon. He was valient and ferocious, mercilessly destroying with every swat. Sometimes he missed and the bees got really mad but in the end, no one was hurt and bees littered the floor of our kitchen, a striking testament to the power of righteousness and the word of God. However, the Gadianton Wasp-ers are hiding in the cavity of the roof, where they are living off of wild honey. We have decided to rid them from our midst once and for all. We called in backup. AKA the Exterminator.

A word about Elder Workman: He is an awesome guy--probably the most similar Elder to myself that I have yet met. He is about 5' 4" so he is a little small but with a big heart. He is from Oregon and did theater in high school. He was also involved in a lot of other things especially clubs. He loves languages and especially the English language thus he will go back home to be an English major at a university he has not yet decided. He has a very colorful vocabulary and writes in his journal every single day--and extensively at that. That's a good example for me to follow as well. He is ready and willing to work. Rock on!

I had a fantastic interview with President Spendlove yesterday and we talked some things out--especially how I can improve as a leader. I understand president very well but he is a very misunderstood man. The Elders don't know them like they should and don't put forth effort to make that any better. An interesting thing I am seeing with this generation that President also pointed out to me, is that the newer generation does not understand the difference between "friend" and "buddy". They are essentially one and the same. So if you aren't a buddy, you aren't a friend. President is definitely not our buddy. We don't nor will we hang out with him and go bowling or go to a football game and have a great time like that. No. But he is our friend and I'd say he is our best friend on the mission. A buddy will let you be when a friend will help you reach what you are capable of becoming. I think that is why President is misunderstood. I also learned from that that I need to be a better friend and not put up with anything that is less than the best. As the Proverb says: "Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful." So there is something for you to digest.

Anyways. One year down. One to go. Love you all!

Elder Miller

Keep the Commandments!


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