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Date: May 30, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Workman


Yup... What a week!
Not much happened again. Haha. We averaged an average that was just that--average. Actually I would say it was below average. One lesson per day isn't very much. We just had so much work to do this week. I haven't had a personal study (a good one that lasts longer than 15 minutes) in over a week. We always leave in the mornings, come back for lunch and then back out again. We just worked like crazy. But all is good and this week should be better.
One cool thing happened. One my one year mark we sent off two mozambican missionaries to their missions. Right now I imagine that they are in Maputo but they should be headed off to Brazil soon. They are the first Mozambican missionaries to leave the continent. First ones to Brazil. That's pretty neat. I heard that when Elder Scott was here he saw them and told president "Don't even send their papers to the Area Presidency. Send them right to my desk--I want to personally assign them to their missions." So that was pretty cool. How would you like to meet an apostle for the first time in your life and learn that he would personally assign you to your mission? Pretty sweet huh? Anyways. It was really interesting to me when we dropped them off. They had one small suitcase each and I imagine that they packed pretty much everything they had. I know at least one of them (his name is Garicai (pronounced Ga-ri-kai) has pretty much nothing. He left his family (I think after his mom and dad died or something like that. Someone died) in the jungle and came out to Beira in search of success. He didn't know portuguese or anything about the city life at about my age. It's been 4 years since that time and now he speaks portuguese fluently, learned how to play the piano thanks to Elder Esteves, was baptized, confirmed, and ordained a priest and then an elder. He gave life to a dying branch in Manga 2 almost single-handedly. He truly has an incredible story. The other one (named Lordelos) is a very outgoing and outstanding man as well. I had the pleasure of spending some time with him in Beira 1 when Elder Richardson fell sick and went down to maputo. Lordelos walked with Elder McCullough during this time. Both will be fantastic missionaries and it was apparent that the Lord has blessed them. I think they realize the weight of their call.
Pretty cool huh? Unfortunately that's about as exciting as it gets this week.
The weather sounds way wacky. Tell Sarah I said "Hi! Back from Africa!". We have been on a spaghetti fest these past weeks so it's a little bit of home... kind of. haha.
Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Miller


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