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Date: June 09, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Workman


Hey Family!

Well this week is gonna be pretty short. Internet went out and it might go out again today so I don't want to write very long so that I don't lose another novel.

I got malaria this week so that was cool.

We are doing pretty well with everything so just remember that and don't be worried.

Love you all!

Elder Miller

WAIT A SECOND!!!!! You can't just freak your family out like that! Haha. You thought I totally was done. Well I gotcha. Anyways. Yes I did have malaria but no I am not writing an email as I am confined to a hospital bed in Mozambique. We actually caught it pretty early and I was on cuartum for 3 days to get rid of it. It felt like a big headache and bone/muscle ache especially in the back. So after a few hours of feeling this way and not looking too good, I took the medicine at the counsel of my comp and the other Elders in the house. I felt alot better but still really tired because it attacks your RBC (red blood cell) count. I was still very tired the next few days and so we didn't do very much. But I'm better so it's all good! Anyways, ya. That is basically what happened this week and the work goes on. Anyways. Don't worry about malaria. It's all good and I survived.

Oh and the other crazy dream. So we didn't get to do internet yesterday so I had no idea you got a nice steamy black awesome-mobile. I imagine it gets good gas milege and is pretty fun to drive. So did you sell the RAV or what's up with that cuz I had a crazy dream last night that we totally got a new car and lo and behold I see that it's true! Actually we had 5 cars. 1 ramped up suburban, the rav, the chigger, and two new ones, a black convertable and another sedan looking one. So the pictures you sent me are kinda weird. haha. Did you send that dream through brain waves cuz I'm a little freaked out. Anyways. Love you all and have a good week keeping the commandments.


Elder Miller

This time, its for real


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