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Missionary Birthday

Date: March 07, 2011
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: McCullough


Dearest Family,

Don't worry about my birthday package. It's on its way I'm sure. But since nobody has visited us, I haven't received anything. Haha. Maybe you can pray for me to be sent to Maputo so I get packages faster. Lol. We will see.

Sunday Birthday Dinner: Classic Mommy's Homemade Spaghetti with a light salad, some sparkling grape juice and ice cream pie. Just a guess. lol

Luke and Grace! Congrats on the storytelling festival! Keep up the good work!

Caleb going classic skating with the ladies! Pretty sweet bro. Just keep yer cool and be chivalrous! That's what works best!

Josh/ACT master. No worries about the ACT. The biggest things that will help is practice. Every day. Just keep practicing and you will get a ton better. My first time I think I only finished the first English portion and the rest I didn't finish. But the ones I did the best on (english and reading) were the ones I studied a lot. So use the books and work on them everyday before the test. And then believe in yourself and don't worry about it! haha. That is the mental game that they put in the test on purpose. They want to see how well you work under pressure. Just keep your cool and do as much as you can. You got it.

Haha. LP basketball always takes state. We have a very strong team.

Well that's too bad about Brandon Davies. You just got to keep your Jimmer in the court if you know what I mean. But BYU just has to do their best. If they make it then that's great. If they don't then that's ok too. I wouldn't go back on that though. Rules are rules and people know them. That's one of God's characteristics. If there is a promise made, you can't go back on that promise. Moroni did the same with Zerahemnah when he tried to negotiate. One National Championship is not worth even a momentary slip of integrity.

As far as Women's Conference, I'll give it some thought. So is it like an art exhibition type thing or a "science fair project" type thing or a kiosk or what? Museum? not sure that might help with the ideas. What is the purpose of the temple for you individually and as a family? Boyd K. Packer's The Holy Temple might give a few ideas as well. I don't know. Pray about it. Lol I'll think of some ideas.

Dad with the mountain bikes. I actually love love mountain biking. The more I have thought about it, the number one thing I love love love to do is to run and bike, on the road but especially in the Mountains. And especially in the early morning. When I get back I'm going to focus on that. Triathlons and other races like that. Trail running and mountain biking are passions for me. Anyways. I'll at least put those mountain bikes to use when I get back. Maybe I can go with Dad and Marty sometime.

It's weird hearing about people getting married or dating serious like that. What happened!?

I tried going off sugar here and trying to eat really healthy. Didn't work. It is pretty much impossible. They just don't have as much opportunity here. So I am basking in junky type food. White rice and bread, coca cola and orange fanta, and cookies. Comfort foods. lol. But ya.

What did I do for my birthday? I worked. Most of the day I forgot it was my birthday. It was only when we ate cake that I really remembered. Lol. Just felt pretty normal. I ate a birthday cake!

What did I eat. Oatmeal, traditional mozambique plate of squid, cake, and some carrots.

Typical eating week.... I will take note this week and let you know.

I might like to try some Neuro Replete. I want to see how that might work. Or just some vitamins in general. Multi vitimins, neuro replete, baby wipes and cliff bars. lol would be ideal but ya.

We have 5 more people being baptized this saturday. 45 people at church this week! We are growing! Work is going well.

Rats. We have plenty still.

 But ya. Hopefully all is well at home! I'll write more about the work next week! tchau!

Com Amor,

Elder Miller


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