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Elephant Heaps...?

Date: June 13, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Workman


 So there is a reason why that letter was exceptionally short. I want to start writing each individual more and I am a hard time writing so much in detail too. Haha. They just aren't as clear anymore and I spend 2 hours on the computer and most of it is just sitting there thinking. SO! I'm going to be writing just a few paragraphs every week to give the rundown. Besides, I want some specifics so everyone if they want to can keep up a personal convo with me.

I want to know some more specific things about life and just get to know you guys better because... well it's been a while and you guys have changed. You all are cleaner, happier, taller, bigger, better dressed, and driving nice cars. I just look like and ape (and no that is not to be read "a-p"). Not to mention I would also LOVE some advice/just a conversation about college, career, marriage, children, social skills, gospel, etc. So that's that. So to start out, here are a few questions:

1. Mom: What does dad do for you that is super important to you? Dad: Same question. No no, not what do you do to yourself, what does MOM do for YOU that is super important to you?

2. Ok this one is about BYU. I want to talk about some career options with an IR degree. I was actually talking to Elder McCulloch about his Econ 110 class at BYU and he says it's way cool. Economics sounds pretty interesting which is included in the IR major. But I need a career path. Major isn't as important as what I want to do. So from an outside/business perspective/career, what would be a good option? Just letting you know, I have thought a lot about the gov. What are the Advantages and disadvantages? Just curious.

Before I forget, Mom, can you send me a workout stretch cord thing? That would be sweet. And speaking of McCall, I thought it would be kinda cool to get her a hippo tooth ring (yes legal in the states). So... I need her ring size. If anyone else wants some, they are really cheap. And while I'm speaking about McCall, can you buy her some butter or something? Tell her I wanted to butter her up so that maybe she would give me a hug at the airport (haha. she said she didn't want to. I don't know. I would appreciate it) and then she will laugh and so will you guys and then after the chortling is over, you can hand her a Reece's Fastbreak and tell her that a year from now, we'll be playing basketball together. :-)

Anyways, So we have been listening to Truman G. Madsen lately on my iPod and he is blowing our minds. I have been thinking of you. It's all about the Prophet Joseph Smith. We learned about Spiritual Gifts yesterday. I'm noticing that I LOVE books on tape/cd. Anyways, I highly recommend it.

Well thanks for putting up with just a few of the burning questions I have stored away in my highly evolved brain. Ya just don't get a perspective like this everyday! The work is awesome and I love it and am absorbed in it. It spreads to all facets of my life and it is truly incredible the small miracles I see everyday--those within and those without.

With elephant dung heaps of love,

Elder Miller


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