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Date: July 04, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Workman


Dear Family of Freedom,

Here is a picture. Elder Miller for president!

Well this week has been INTENSE! Tons of africanisms so what are we waiting for?


You know you are in Africa if...

1. The police stop you because you are white. It happens alot. Fortunately I have only been pulled over once. As a companionship, only twice (we got lucky on that one. Elder Workman forgot his licence so we almost went to jail but all it needs is a little sweet talk). Anyways, one of my favorite stories is when President Spendlove got pulled over in Maputo. He was not happy at all and so he essentially (in true pres. Spendlove fashion) "condemned the cop to hell" as so eloquently stated by an Elder. The cop ended up feeling pretty ashamed or something but Pres. Spendlove warmed up to him after and I think he gave him a pamphlet about the church saying that he could find forgiveness and repent. Haha. Well I guess they became good friends after that and he said, "If you ever need me, I'll help you out with whatever you need. Just call me over, my name is Joao (john)" Haha. So a couple of weeks later, pres gets pulled over again so what does he do? He looks around and all of the sudden he shouts to a man accross the street "Oi! Joao!" Joao turned around and looked a little puzzled for a moment. Then his face lit up and he threw his hands into the air as he shouted "Ah! Presidente Spendlove!" And thus president avoided yet another traffic ticket. haha. What a crazy thing. By the way, yes we don't have a car cause the breaks needed checking and yes Elder Workman and I are still comps for another transfer.

2. A miracle preacher from Brazil goes on a "Miracle Crusade" to Mocambique and it is in a field right behind your house. It sounded like a party for sure! He was screaming pretty loudly and he played some super gospel type music. My favorite was when he prayed asking God to touch everything there, namely women, children, their hearts, the music speakers, the translators, the sick, the afflicted, etc. You name it! Haha. He put on a great show supposedly. Not sure how that is supposed to be real but it must have been a party!

3. People die a lot. This one is a little more sober. Death is just super common here and it happens all the time. This time I saw it first hand. Supposedly the missionaries in the Manga 3 house went to take out the trash and they saw a guy passed out close by their house. Just another one of those super drunk guys that passed out again. Well, they felt a little strange and a mozambican passed and said he thought he wasn't breathing. He confirmed that fact. The man was certainly dead. I won't describe the details of it all but the corpse was pretty rigid as rigor mortis had already set in. The sad thing is all they could do was cover him in a capulana and call the police to have them watch him there until the herse came to pick him up. Pretty sad story. My guess is that he did die of intoxication. Moral of the story, DON'T DRINK!!!

4. If you clear a field for a machamba and you make a big bon fire! Whoot! It was really fun and it sure cleared out the dry stuff. There are these weird plants though. It grows on a vine and they look like big warm fuzzy caterpillars. I was curious so naturally I picked one up...

At this point in the story, you are thinking "No! No! Don't pick up the fuzzy caterpillar thing!" Haha. Well too late! I did.

Anyways, they took their toll. They were super itchy! That's why I call them the itchy itchy catarpillars! Or just itchy itchies for short. Ya. Ends up they got all over me as I was hacking away with the machete. I was itching for a long time after that. Not too fun! haha. 

So that was about the extent of my week. The work is going great and we are SUPER BUSY especially with transfers this week since we were loaned the chapa (sweet!) to move everyone around. Well this is to a happy Independence Day and may our banner wave proud and free over my native land! God Bless America!

...and of course, keep the commandments!


Elder Miller


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