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Language Lingo

Date: July 25, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Workman


This week has been pretty crazy. We are doing tons of work now that we have our car back. We just need a rest sometimes! But I had an interview with President this week and the man is incredible! It's ridiculous. I asked him about languages and he speaks 4--English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. He helped give me a little insight into languages into the future. He said that chinese is a very literal language. They make words for things--just compound words. eg. Refridgerator=ice box, astronaught=space man, TV=picture box etc. He says he has to change the way he thinks in order to speak it, which is what you have to do with any language. It is incredible how much language affects us--even the way we think. I asked him which was his favorite and he said English because he understands it best. When it comes to languages, it's just hard to FEEL in a language other than your own.  I agreed. So that's just awesome.

The work is moving on. We are probably going to drop a bunch of our investigators and basically start from scratch because no one is doing anything. Some are doing awesome but really we need to just get going from something new. Anyways, the gospel is so real to me right now that it's awesome! Keep going and being awesome!

Questions for all:

Mom and Dad: What is the most helpful advise anyone has ever given you?

Josh: Happy Birthday Brother! Did you totally hang out with the chicks on your trip? What was your favorite thing to see/do in Britain?

Caleb: What was the funnest thing you have done all summer so far with your friends? Are you getting excited to learn how to drive?

Luke: What is your favorite word that you like to use right now?

Grace: Who is your favorite disney princess and why? 

I love you all!

Elder Miller


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