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Date: August 17, 2011
Area: Quelimane, Mozambique
Companion: Derrickson


Haha. I think your questions are funny. Oh I just wish I could show you...

1. It is NOT pronounced like quail or anything like that. Something along the lines of Kill-i-mahn-ee kinda like "It's killin' my knee!" Or a little better pronounced kell-ee-mahn-e. Either will get the job done.

2. I like being in charge without having to take charge. I love teaching the way I understand things--probably one of my favorite things to do and I would love it if I could find a job like that.

3. Language to learn--all of them~! Haha. Right now I want to learn the dialect here--chuabo (Kinda like les schwab tires but with an o at the end--schwabo) I hear it is difficult to get. Other languages--persian and arabic but mostly persian. Those are the languages that I really want to learn. And german too. Super cool!

4. Branch presidency? haha. It doesn't exist. We are only a group (not really even a group yet but that's what we call ourselves) so I am the group leader with nobody as my cousellors. So basically my responsibility is to organize the church here with respect to our investigators. It will be something similar to what I did in Maxixe. The zone leaders hererdinate stuff between quelimane, marromeu, and nampula. the District leader deals with us the missionaries and how we are doing and how our teaching is going. I deal with all of the sunday stuff and how church goes and our "branch" is doing as a whole.

5. Living arrangements are 6 elders in a fairly decent house with 3 bedrooms a bathroom a kitchen and a fairly nice living room thing. All of the stuff is new in the house as far as appliances are concerned so my goal is to keep them clean! Quelimane is located on the bank of a river (I haven't seen it yet though so ya) and it is pretty jungle-y. Very very wonderful setting--I would venture to say my favorite thus far. That could change because I hear that this is the hottest place in mozambique besides tete. The thing about tete is that it is dry heat though so... ya. This is humid humid HUMID heat. So we will see. Right now I just want to enjoy the cooler weather.

Well since I don't have much time this week I'll just use this email as my general email and talk to you all on monday.

You might be in Africa if...

You can call a bike taxi--I'll send you a pic!

Your choir uniform is a capulana--I'll send you a pic.

Love you all!!



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