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We Found Francisco

Date: September 14, 2011
Area: Quelimane, Mozambique
Companion: Derrickson


Dear Family,

Once again the internet crashed before I could get your email off. Here's an update on the week:

We taught some pretty cool lessons and have been trying to revise our contact strategies. Almost everyone who stops us asks if they can have a free pamphlet or sometimes they even ask us for a bible--for free. That's all people do here is ask and it's a little annoying sometimes. So! We created a little piece of paper that has a small saying on the front like "families are eternal" or "marriage is of God" and a little message on the back with a map of where we are located. So now we are handing those out. I really don't like giving something for nothing. It just perpetuates the problems here. Anyways. That's good news.

We had an awesome time at church this week and things are going very well. Quelimane is turning out to be the opposite of what Maxixe was to me. We had a great lesson on the law of chastity for principles of the gospel. We are really pushing marriage here--usually it is one of the first lessons that we teach. People have to get started now and get their life into gear.

We found a great member that we are excited about--Francisco. He is the comandant for the police here and works far away but he is pretty well off. We talked to him and his wife for a little while and he is really solid and has a very humble feel about him. A true member! what a rare occasion! You find those once in a blue moon here. So with some polishing after having been away from church for a while (he moved to quelimane a few years ago and the church wasn't here yet) so I have high expectations for him. He will be great. Also speaking of members, we are putting together a sort of "branch council" which basically includes all of the members. We are going to be holding it every first sunday of the month after church. We plan on it being a small meeting to help unify our members and help them feel involved in making decisions and helping the work go on here. With a good tight group of members, I think we will be able to establish a good base that our investigators can rely on. 

And so the work goes on! I love you all and hope the best. Here are some answers to your questions.

Any advice for Josh on the ACT? He needs to raise it by 3 points. How was the writing portion of the test? I never took the writing portion so I don't know but as far as the actual test, just relax. Do your best and go in it with faith. Have fun with it. Make it a game. Push yourself and most of all just relax. It may seem like a big deal but it ain't the world.

Any baptisms coming up? Not for a long long time. Which at this point is a very good thing. A common theme here in Quelimane is that we will not baptize anyone who is not ready and has not completely changed their lives and already living all of the commandments. So when they are ready, they will come--but if I were to say when the first baptism will happen, I might say that I MIGHT see the first baptism by the time I leave here which will probably be sometime in March. But really there is alot to be done. Marriages and all sorts of stuff. So pray that the people can have faith to act!

How many investigators at church? We have been sitting somewhere around 30 or so. Not too bad.

BTW where do you hold church? A house down the street. Fairly decent and spacious. If this means anything, they want to put a couple in that house so you know its pretty good for Mozambique.

How's the living conditions? Our house is decent. Our appliances are better because they are all new! Super different to all the hand-me-downs we got in Maxixe. Other than that, I am just trying to keep things clean.

Are you keeping things clean? Speak of the devil. Yes. Most of the time I don't get my exercise in because I'm cleaning. I guess that is my exercise--maybe better. Great habit! I actually enjoy it now (and no I am not on Neuro replete) and whenever I have time I try to clean. I guess everything I was taught at home finally sunk in. A clean house brings the Spirit. Ha. I get it now! So I do it. Whether it's my stuff or not.

Anyways! Love you tons! Gotta bounce. Tchau!


Elder Derek


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