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Someone Needed My Pants More Than Me

Date: September 19, 2011
Area: Quelimane, Mozambique
Companion: Derrickson


Dear Fam

Oooo. ouch for BYU. Well That's too bad. We will be better when I get back--that's when a lot of other players will be back from their missions too. So we will see.

So this week was pretty interesting.

Africanisms....You might be in Africa if....

1. you hang your pants up to dry and they get stolen. Apparently I wasn't careful enough. We strung up some strings on our porch (which looks like a cage so the answer is yes it is secure) so I hung up my pants to dry and went to bed. The next day when I went to get my pants well. 2 were missing. I guess somebody must have passed by, saw the clothes, and somehow managed to reach through the bars and grab them. Ha. So I'm 2 pants short. But that's ok. I still have plenty of pants and the ones they took were the older ones that I didn't want anyway. I was planning on giving them to a member but... well. "First come first serve"--self serve. Free pants! 

2. You see tons of bats in Quelimane. The one animal they have a lot here is bats. Every night they screech and fly around everywhere. If I could send a photo I would but this week the computer won't work again. But ya. TONS

3. The tradition is to have premarital relations to see if you should get married or not. Isn't that a little backwards? I guess that even goes back to the tribal traditions and such so that's funky. And we wonder why Africa has so many problems and broken families...

Fun huh. on the other hand, the work is going well. We have been visiting members and strengthening them and working with families. That is the difference between quelimane and other places in mozambique is that we have focused 100% on families. Other people are nice but families are better. So that is what is going on.

Yesterday we had a record--47! So things are going well. We are cracking down on the law of chastity. We are working with a couple--Dina and Manuel--and getting them on the band wagon to marriage (first civil, then the temple). We are trying to really put things in perspective here. and it shows.

People actually take the church seriously here instead of like a joke in other places. I just heard that my old area of Manga 1 is probably going to reduce its 3 block schedule into only two classes--namely sacrament meeting and principles of the gospel. There just aren't enough good members nor who are worthy and the rest are youth. We even have about 5 or 6 returned missionaries in that branch but all of them are not worthy (living with someone is usually the culprit). So that's just too bad. Sure is a lot of work to be done here! But good news is, Quelimane is starting out right.   


Joshua:  What is the one thing you would have done in high school to prepare better for your mission? Gain a testimony and stand up for what you know is really true. Actually the best training for missionaries is just being a good home teacher in the church and learning how to be a TRUE friend to everybody. And just be 100% sincere and honest. That's really the first step.

Tal:  What is a typical week of eating for you? Lots of noodles and soups. I make a bunch of stuff. I made a really good potatoe soup the other day that all of the elders were jealous of. haha. Sandwiches too are good. It just depends. Really it's pretty normal.

Caleb:  How much do you miss McCall on a scale of 1-10? Well, 10 being family, she is at a 9.9999 repeated forever. Which for those who are math gurus will know the meaning of that.

Max:  What is the most common animal that you see? Dogs. Lizards come in second with Bats in third.

Luke:  Are there any tasty/unique treats that you like in Mozambique? Haha. Bon Bons! Delicious! Little chocolate peanut butter cream balls of love. YUM!

Grace:  Does anyone have a piano in their house? No. But usually they do have big super nice speakers!

Mom:  How is the heat?  Sorry the package isn't quite ready yet.  I finally bought some of the things your requested in the past.  My goal is to get it off this week.  Anything else? Heat is still ok for now. It's just starting up. I told you that my christmas package will never make it to me right? Ya. So just something fun. Send a tie maybe--not a super nice one but one that if it gets lost or left here it will be ok. Cliff bars were WONDERFUL last time.

Anyways! I love you tons!! Keep being faithful!


Elder Derek


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