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Date: October 03, 2011
Area: Quelimane, Mozambique
Companion: Derrickson


Dear Family,

Well another temple in Provo is going to be interesting! Utah just can't get enough temples! I hope it's a nice temple and that people visit there. Kind of an odd location... Very busy! I'm sure they'll make a nice place out of it though. The poor provo temple is just being run to the ground--when you have sessions every 20 minutes and missionaries runnin crazy through there, it gets pretty used up. The DRC temple was a surprise to me. I heard that white missionaries can't serve there because of racism. But apparently things are going well enough! Durban will be a good thing for the Mozambican members. Just hopefully they can get paying their tithing and get themselves their own temple!

I still have the music player so feel free to send me conference! Greatly appreciated! If you could (if there is enough memory) see if you could put some motab on there. I synced the orange Ipod to a computer to manage some music stuff and it wiped my ipod. I got some other church music stuff on there but I sure miss some motab. I heard they came out with a Men cd. I think that might be fun to hear. Come thou fount (the cd not just the song) is a fantastic cd. Those would be the best if possible.

I myself am not sleeping well, however I am sleeping. It's hard to not sleep when you work and sweat and teach in the sun all day. But Quelimane by far has the worst mattresses. They are just thick foam pads so it doesn't provide for a very comfortable night sleep. they are as hard as a rock. I like firm but... it's very unsupportive. Anyways. What can ya do? I'm in Africa. Either super high quality, or low quality. that's how it goes. The mattresses we have found that are better cost some hundred dollars or something. anyways. O que fazer?

I hope Josh gets sleeping well. That's kinda important.   Luke sounds like he is rockin the football world! Keep it up! Pretty cool!   Who has been your favorite companion? Well I can't really say. However, my companionship with Elder Workman was a great time. There were no problems and we were very unified. Same thing with my filho (son, pronounced FEE-lee-oo) but the time was just too short with him.

What area has been your favorite? Inhambane was such a wonderful area. Quelimane because it's new and it's going the way it should be going. Manga was a good work area and I enjoyed it a lot and there was a lot of work and it was easy to stay busy--not so in the other two areas. Inhambane and Quelimane.

How many more transfers do you think you will have? Plenty. I'm gonna say with this being my 2nd here, I have 3 more to go. But we will see.

What is the first thing that you want to eat when you get back into the states? A big delicious salad.

What will you miss when you leave? Bike taxis. I'm really lovin them!

Here are a few pictures for the gang. Hope they match. I really gotta get takin better pictures. Sorry!

As far as my measurments are concerned... I'm not sure. All of the scales vary. 75 Kilos is a fairly consistent-ish number. As far as height you asked do I have anything to measure with? Well I got a couple o' sticks... I think I measure about two big sticks and one little crooked stick. Don't know if that helps any?  Oh...

PS. What might be nice in a new package is a pair or two of garments. Mine are getting pretty nasty and grey. Ok so they aren't getting there. Ya they are real grey and I would order them from Maputer but it takes forever to get them here so a package from home will make it before that does. Two pair might be nice--one mesh set and one dri-lux set. Mediums--medium short preferred in the "briefs" style or whatever.

Thanks for everything! I love you all!

Elder Derek

PS I keep trying to take out money but I'm thinking it only lets me take it out once a month or once in a while. The ATM says it's denied by the bank (or maybe the provider--not sure if there is a difference?) Anyways... just lettin ya know. Usually I have to wait a month or so at a time to take out money. Just FYI


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