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Blessings of Work

Date: November 14, 2011
Area: Quelimane, Mozambique
Companion: Ostler


Dear Family,

Wow! What an incredible week! You should see our stats. Ever since Elder Ostler got here, our area has been booming with new people to teach and lots of progress and lots of work to do. The Lord knows that Elder Ostler is willing to work and so he is giving it to him! Our investigator pool (as well as the chapel) grows by the dozen. Yesterday, we had somewhere around 60 quality people at church. We went out into the pseudo-jungle that is still in our area to meet one of the jungle group leaders and lo and behold there were about 20+ people all waiting for us there. Ha! So Elder Ostler and I taught a rather large group lesson about prayer and Pai Celestial. They all seemed to understand and were willing to comply with what we had taught them. They seem like such humble people and it is very obvious that there was a seed planted here in Quelimane—and elsewhere here in the province of Zambezia.

We have a very busy schedule and are trying to keep sane. Elder Ostler just has that greenie fire in him and it reminds me of that youthful fire I once had as a young missionary.  I imagine it must feel the same way when you are a parent raising kids. The energy and desire in the little kidlets inspires the adults and brings just a very happy bright light to a color-faded world. It’s so awesome! I am also very well aware of how out-of-date I am. I don’t understand a lot of new things that have been happening in the “real world.” I only hear-tell of apparently fairly popular movies, tech devices, political stories, and other such paraphernalia. I’m stumped! I’m completely done for when I get home.

But! Something I can still do in my fairly oblivious state of being is answer a few of your questions:

1.       Well about the package…I enjoyed the whole thing! All of the food packets will be put to really good use (fajitas….mmmm…. ja) and the cliff bars couldn’t have come at a better time as my breakfast food supply was running short (Africanism pending). The BYU magazines were a very mean but well received item. Quite honestly, the thing that makes me most trunky is good ‘ol running. I miss it because I don’t really have any of that here. The ties are also beautiful.

2.        What do I want in a Christmas package…I don’t know. I’m tempted to have you dig out my old pair of running shoes so that I can go running in Maputo in about a transfer and a half (mark my words, I’m going there to serve my dying days) but I’m not sure. Some running clothes would even be excellent but I’m still hesitant. Just don’t send too many ties—I have about a billion all in various shapes, colors, and patterns. A white shirt is not necessary. POSSIBLY a pair of pants would be nice since 2 pair were stolen and 1 pair is in the shop being repaired (leaving me with only 2 pair) but I’m not sure how you would do the measuring to fit me so… be looking for some 31 size waist pants that I can possibly wear. If you can’t find 31, it’s probably better to go a little bigger. Socks are always a hit. I like the candy but I think my comps like it more.  Really practical things are best out here—send me everything you take for granted!

3.       Money for stuff. Maybe in a bit. For now I’m fine. I got the bank thing worked out and it makes sense now so tudo bem.

4.       Elder Oster’s mom’s phone number—801-224-3412—name Jeanette


1.       If your back hurts every day because of the mattress (foam pad thing) you sleep on (popularly called “bedrock”), your eye balls sting because of sweat, your somewhat longer hair starts becoming a nuisance and your boot shoes are taking a beating. Surprisingly they probably won’t last the mission. I wear them a lot now because I’m trying to save the other pair for later.

2.       If your breakfast supply is a vast variety of healthy food options, namely:  250 Kg box of Corn Flakes, Oatmeal, 500 kg box of Corn Flakes, Eggs, 750 kg box of Corn Flakes, Oatmeal, 1 Kg box of Corn Flakes and Eggs. The occasional fruit is out of the way and not very filling but provides a nice fresh addition to a very well-balanced diet.

3.       If you come home from shopping on Monday after spending lots of time and money shopping and depressed you realize there is nothing for you to eat. Anyone want to eat out?

All-in-all and oftentimes an uphill battle Quelimane continues in it’s spiritual progression to become the next translated city of Zion. Just a few more transfers should do the trick. Granted, before then I will probably have already been translated—I mean transferred to another place. With more in store around the corner and wishing you a wonderful week!

Elder Derek


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