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Osborns Arrive!

Date: October 24, 2011
Area: Quelimane, Mozambique
Companion: Bonds


Dear Family,

Well it's that time of year again. It's super hot. This week on Thursday it got up to about 38º Celsius. That's about 100º if I'm not mistaken. The sweat is back!

Well our casal (couple) gets here tomorrow. They call themselves the Osborns. They sound like they were looking for a challenge and ready for an adventure when they sent in their mission papers. Awesome! Well they found it. haha. They called us and wanted to know what they needed to bring up to Quelimane. It sounds like they are expecting pretty much nothing. They asked us if we could get food easily up here. Fortunately we can. haha. It will be really good to have a couple here to support us as well as Nampula and Marromeu.

We have been riding a lot of bike taxis lately. My tailbone hurts pretty bad. Sometimes they have semi-cushy seats but most of the time they just have a slab of wood on the back. And the streets aren't very well paved.... Ouch! So it makes for one bumpy ride. Our investigators are doing well. We have an investigator named Julho (zhoo-lio) who knows the Bible a whole lot better than I do. He has been working really well with us and always has very very good, fiery questions based heavily in the bible. haha. Of course we direct him to the Book of Mormon. Anyways, on Sunday we had a Gospel Principles lesson on baptism. A young man gave the lesson (one of our members) and the nightmare that everyone prays doesn't happen happened. While having a very curious conversation about baptism, our young friend threw a question at the class--"Can the dead be baptized?" The sweat that was already dripping down my face tripled. My eyes looked around the room hoping that no one caught on to that. 

One of our members replied and explained how great it was that we could baptize for the dead. Oh no. I could feel it coming on. I was sitting next to Julho who before this time had been very passive. I could feel the fire coming on! haha. So he asked the question that I knew we were all thinking. How are you supposed to baptize someone who is already dead? Baptism requires repentance so how can somebody repent after they are baptized? Good question. It was responded rather weakly and everyone tried to move on. I piped up and said "Well it's still not very clear on baptism for the dead. From what we have heard, it sounds like we are going around digging up graves and baptizing corpses." Everyone laughed because they knew that is exactly what it sounded like. I gave a brief explanation of baptism for the dead and how we justify it through the scriptures and then tried to bring it back on topic. Wow. 

Investigators being fed meat before milk! But it's all good. They just might be a little confused for a while. All sorts of stuff gets taught here. oh boy... A couple of weeks ago, I learned that Satan is repenting or something like that. Oh... there is a long way to go.

I hope all is well. I love you all! Don't teach too much false doctrine!

Com muito amor,

Elder Derek


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