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Excellent Family of Mine

Date: June 04, 2010
Area: MTC
Companion: Colvin


I wish I had all the time in the world to write you everything that has happened to me already but that would be quite impossible. Each day feels like a week but each week feels like a day. Make any sense? The days are long but the weeks are short. So I feel like I have been through a month of school. It is intense.
So to answer your questions:

1. Elder Colvin is from Atlanta Georgia. Or at least in the suburbs. No he does not know Rick and Catherine unfortunately. His physical state is very impressive. He has a lot of muscle but has been out of shape for a while in "preparation" for intense weight loss in Moz. His personality... put me and Devin Haueter (sp?) together and you get Elder Colvin. It is really funny how similar he is to Devin and me. He is funny and crazy and very very smart. He says that I know so much stuff and he wishes he would have paid more attention/gone to church when he was younger and more rebellious. But he has made an incredible change. But of course he still has things to work on--as do we all.

2. My P-day is today! Friday.

3. I did get your package! Thank you so much! I'm not much of a candy man but you did pretty well. I have never had pretzel m&ms before. They were quite delicious. And your notes were precious. Thank you so much. How is Tego doing?

4. I saw Elder Gunther the first day! I walked in for dinner and there he was! I have seen him a couple of times after that but nothing really too long because I have stuff to do but also because my comp is not the most...patient person? ha. Ya. He just kinda does his own thing. I'm trying to be a good example for him because I think that's all I can really do. He complains a lot and wishes he were sleeping and technically he wanted to skip out on the temple today to sleep but I said, "Ha, no way! You ain't gettin' out o' the temple!" So I'm trying to do the best with what I have. Our companionship is really good but just those things. He is sometimes on his own schedule, sometimes incredibly awesome and on the Lords. Overall he is an awesome comp. Just a few things he could touch up on. But that was a big tangent from Elder Gunther. So He says the language is coming along and that it is good to see a "brotha" in the MTC. (PS speaking of the temple, dad please get those last two relatives done sometime soon. They need it and I am somewhat separated from them at the moment.)
The hike to the PG waterfalls sounded fun. You know that's where McCall and I went for our day date for Prom our Junior year. That was awesome. So Josh IS going to Greece! Wow. Brotha! Make sure you remind me so I can give you the tips on travel and stuff.

I'm glad all is going well and that fishing chaos sounded hilarious! haha.
Well now I don't have much more time to write about what happened this week. There is so much to say! We are still teaching the fake investigator whose name is Kyle. We have delivered some bang up lessons. Me and Elder Colvin do really well at putting together a general lesson plan and then following the Spirit in knowing what to say and teach. That last minute stuff comes in handy. ;-)

Other than that, in gym the other day I played a little softball. While warming up I hit about 80-90% of the balls thrown to me and quite a few were bad pitches. I never knew I could hit a ball! I thought I was bad at baseball. So I pleasantly surprised myself. I can tell I'm gaining weight. They don't give you enough time and Elder Colvin always wants us to leave early so that we can shower earlier. Which is ok I guess but I would probably rather work out the whole time than shower early. But it is all good. We are learning so much and the language is coming really well. I bought that shoulder bag thing that Brogan Crane recommended and it is working out awesome! We taught our first lesson in Portuguese yesterday. We got "thrown out of the bus" as Elder Colvin would say. (He has an awesome slang vocabulary--and a not so awesome slang vocabulary) We realize how little we know. Yet we know alot. So it was pretty cool. Quite hard to communicate though.

Being in class for so so long is rough. It is tiring because you are doing alot but you feel like you are doing nothing cause you aren't going anywhere. The other day I had a home-sick feeling but it wasn't for anything that people usually get homesick for. There is an MTC wide music BAN. No music of any kind. No instruments (or they will be confiscated). No piano. Only hymn singing a capella. So I was depressed for a time and was going crazy to get music. I started composing music to scriptures in my head to try to help things out. I pulled out of it by reading the hymns. So that was way hard.

Wish I could write more a 10 secs

Elder miller


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