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Esta Semana...

Date: July 02, 2010
Area: MTC
Companion: Colvin


Esta Semana (this week) has been jam packed with all sorts of stuff. I have now been privileged to have sang in front of all 15 of the Quorum of the Twelve and the First Presidency. The last time I sang on Sunday, I was standing DIRECTLY in front of Elder Bednar and Elder Holland. If I would have sat down where I was, I would have been sitting in Elder Bednar's Lap. That's Pretty cool. The day before, Elder Christofferson and his wife came over to shake the choirs hands. So I said, "Well, if you insist..." and I shook his hand. Not literally. I just said that in my head. But that is an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately I could not record anything primarily for copyright reasons and secondly, all you would have heard was my 8:00 in the morning choir voice muffled by a suit coat because that was the only place I was going to be able to put it. So unfortunately I didn't record anything. But THEY recorded it. There is a very slim chance that I might get a copy. If not, then I'm sure there is a way we could get it somehow.
Anyways. Back to more important things. So this week was a little crazy. I have been struggling with my comp Elder Colvin because he doesn't want to work quite like I do. I am learning how to help him see what I see but it takes a lot of patience and effort. He is very easily distracted. Sometimes I almost feel like a solo missionary because he and a few other people in our district have a tendency to hang out and distract each other. So I'm working through that one. I kinda blew up (derek style so not too intense) at him one day and we talked about some things. I figured out that I need a companion. As awkward as it might sound, I just need some alone time with just me and him so that we can actually talk about stuff and accomplish stuff. So that's the biggest struggle I am having. The MTC is getting better. I just gave the first lesson all in Portuguese yesterday (a miracle!). The interesting part is that I can speak it alright, but I can hardly understand it at all. Usually its the opposite for me. Part of that I think is due to the fact that our teachers haven't started teaching us in Portuguese yet. That's what I wanted the first day I came into the MTC. It's more important to understand first and then to speak. If you can't understand, you can't meet needs and what not. So that is quite frustrating. Fortunately my comp is the opposite. He doesn't really know what to say but he can understand a lot better than I can. So that's interesting. I figure that this language difficulty came about because I prayed for the gift of tongues. The Lord doesn't just give you gifts. You have to earn them. It's like a coach. When you want to be better at a sport, you tell your coach that. The coach can't just give you talent. He develops a program that aims at a goal and usually that program is more intense than the previous plan. The higher the goal, the more vigorous the training plan. I believe this is how Heavenly Father works with all the qualities that we should develop. The first step is that we pray for them. Then the Lord gives us intense training plans specifically tailored to what we need. When we ask for humility, he gives us more opportunities to be humble. When we ask for courage, he gives us more opportunities to be courageous. When we ask for faith, he gives us more opportunites to exercise faith. So that is one lesson I learned this week.
I also have been praying about my district and how I can help them because Missionary work starts here in the MTC. If you think about it, you can help the whole world because in essence the whole world is right here. If you help a missionary going to China, Japan, India, Idaho, Mexico, Brazil, or Mozambique, you will in turn help the lives of many many people around the world. So I have been doing that and for my district I have been carefully taking notes about what I notice about them. Needs that they have and strengths they have. I try to see them as the Lord sees them--not as they are, but as they could be. My next entry for each person will be trying to look for gifts that each member of the district has. This has blessed my life so so so much and it has opened my eyes to many things. I can see why each of us are going to Mozambique and why we have the companions that we do. I think I have Elder Colvin because I need to learn how to lead. Anyways, the Lord has given me a wonderful opportunity to use this skill I am developing. I was asked to be the new District Leader. With this comes alot more responsibility and a lot more courage. I will need your prayers as I help our district become the best it can be. This calling will be fun but also very hard. There is absolutely NO WAY I could do this alone. I know this for a fact. I feel your prayers. Thank you for them. I need them.
Well that is about all I have time for. I wish I could tell you more. What I write isn't the hundreth part about what happens around here. The Gospel is True!!! Keep Praying!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY
Com Amor,
Elder Miller


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