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Letter the Second from Mozambique

Date: August 02, 2010
Area: Beira, Mozambique
Companion: Hendrickson


Hey Hey! Letter the Second from Africa!
Unforltunately this time I only have 15 minutes because of all sorts of stuff. I just BARELY pulled into Beira not 30 minutes ago so it's P-Day and we are on time crunch right now. I have SOOO much to write and absolutely no time. so I'll answer your q's briefly.
My bus ride just barely was interesting. It was super Asian. lol. It was a Bed bus thing owned by some Chinese company or something. China practically runs this place since it gives alot of aid here pretty unconditionally--the socialist way. I dunno kinda funny.
I haven't even met my comp yet. Still waiting....
Beira is a nice city. That's all I know right now. lol. I just had a feeling I would go to beira.
My last apartment was safe--kinda. It's a step up from camping. We sure make a lot of friends when we cook food though! I think the one in Beira will hopefully be a little cleaner than the last missionaries kept it in Maputo.
People drive on the left side of the road...God save the Queen!
I have taught some discussions, yes. Everything with me is super limited though. But I did teach the First Vision all by myself (what a big boy!) and I have felt the spirit super strong here. It may be SUPER filthy and poor here physically, but spiritually, I have felt so much more power than I am used to having. I have almost NEVER felt uncomfortable, strangely enough.
I have been biten by several mosquitos. I'm pretty sure I have the malaria bug but the meds kill it so as long as I keep taking them, I will be fine. No worries.
I will usually have maybe 1 hour next time I email. hopefully
For people outside the family to write me... I'm not sure yet. I'm going to try to get an address or something soon so.... hopefully via snail mail but I don't know. If they want something right now, have them communicate through you guys.
I wouldn't call it culture shock. Just still travel shock. I can sometimes get paranoid about safety so ya. But other than that, it seems eerily natural. Funny combination of words but that is how it is. It is comfortable.
I got my suitcase.
My major is Middle Eastern StudiesArabic and my minor is African studies. I'll have to get a hold of the Qureshis!
Well That is about all I have time for. Until I can get more time... Good bye!!
Love you! Africa is wonderful!!
Elder Miller


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