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A Dom de Linguas!

Date: July 09, 2010
Area: MTC
Companion: Colvin


 Boa Tarde! (bough-a tar-dee)
Entao esta semana foi maravilhoso! So this week was marvelous! It was pretty normal and uneventful for the most part except Tuesday and Thursday. Mas Primerio (mah-sh pree-mer-ee-oo)! But First! I have to tell you what I did today!
So today (hoje) because the temple is closed, our district was assigned to help clean the temple! It actually typically isn't incredibly awesome (because the missionaries usually just clean the lockers) but today is different. We got to clean windows--but not just any windows, mind you. We got to clean the OUTSIDE windows on the ROOF of the temple! If you had been out, oh around 9:00 or so, you would have seen some people in white scrubs cleaning the outside windows of the temple. That's us! The Windows really needed cleaning badly because it hadn't been done in a couple of years. Pretty sweet. Also very hot. About 100 degrees with the windows and stuff. That's what my watch said anyways. Then we got to see the BRAND NEW chandeliers they are putting into the temple and also the brand new carpet. This is a big deal. The temple looked more like a building under construction from the inside. Nevertheless, it is quite nice. I believe the temple will be beautified with this new added variety of cleanliness! So if you chance to pass the Provo Temple, look at the windows. That was me!
Anyhow, back to what happened this week. Well things go very slow/fast here at the MTC. It's hard to explain but that is how it is. Anyways, I have been having a veryhard time understanding the language...That is something that usually doesn't happen for me. I usually understand first, then speak. Well it is the opposite here for me. Anyways, I took this problem to the Lord. I told him that I remembered being blessed with the gift of tongues, which includes the interpretation of tongues. I asked the Lord to make up for my weakness as I work hard at both speaking and listening to the language. Well after a few days of praying and studying until my brain felt like jello, it finally happened! It wasn't particularly for a long period of time but at the beginning of the day, it happened. Our classes are now in Portuguese but on this particular day, literally every word of Portuguese spoken--by teacher or elder-- I understood! It was incredible. I almost didn't realize what was going on. When it finally dawned on me that everything was in Portuguese, I was shocked. It was literally as easy as understanding English. For a moment, I think I probably thought it was in English. But everything made so much sense. I didn't even have to think about it or translate it in my head. So I know that the Gift of tongues (or a dom de linguas) is real! But don't think that Portuguese is still that way for me now. I'm still learning but the Lord has blessed me with greater understanding.
Next up, the TRC this week was interesting. I won't go into detail because it would take WAY too long to explain everything but it sufficeth me to say (scripture lingo) that it was an iniquitous disaster. Both Elder Colvin and I had a super biggie (actual Mozambican) words humbling experience. We got thrashed. But it is a blessing in disguise because now Elder Colvin is catching the vision that I had at the beginning of the MTC. He is seeing the value in working hard. He came to ME telling ME what HE needed to do better! YES! Patience pays off. So we adopted the Title of Liberty as our motto and we made a "pact of steel" to be better missionaries--even with the little things. So that is muito bem (muy-too beng)!
Well to wrap things up, I was also struggling a little bit this week with feelings of inadequacy. My childhood shortness kinda came back to me and I felt very...inadequate? I just felt like I couldn't do anything. Well I asked the Lord to give me hope--or further expectation so that I can do my work and perform miracles. The next day, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and quiet assurance that everything was going to be awesome. All of the sudden, I didn't worry about the future and I realized that the Lord will make up for my inadequacies. So the Lord answers prayers. Este e verdadeiro! this is true!
Well time out! I love you!!
Elder Miller


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