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O Plano de Travel!

Date: July 16, 2010
Area: MTC
Companion: Colvin


 In today's episode...
Travel Plans have arrived!!! We will be flying out around 4:44 on the 26. We go from SLC to Las Angeles LAX. From there to LHR (London Heath-row) and from LHR to Johannesburg. Johannesburg to Maputo. 2-11hour flights. Intense!!!! Total flying time, approx. 25 hours. Total travel time, around 35 hours. So that is exciting! It's almost here!
Secondly--about the rash. You have probably been dying to hear about this. I have had this rash thing for a while. I had it while I was at home. All the Elders have been commenting on it and asking me what on earth it is. So I decided to get it looked at since I am going to Africa. It doesn't hurt. There is literally NOTHING abnormal except it looks like a golf ball sized bruise. No pain, no protrusion, no nothing. It literally just looks like darker skin. So I went to the Health Clinic and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with it and that it wouldn't keep me from going to Africa but he is sending me to a dermo-dude to make the rash go away. So that is that story. And mom--should I even say this? lol-- yes I was right next to the phone when they called you. No worries!! Happy face! :-D
So a new batch of 8 arrived here last week going to Mozambique as well. That's pretty neat! Our mission is growing! In their district however, you would be curious to find out that there was a tall blonde european kid. Guess where on earth he is from. GERMANY! O que? What? and yes. He is strikingly similar in personality to our friend, the Pierre-meister, in the Deutchland. It is quite intriguing. Who would have thought? Quite hilarious. Maybe all Germans are like that. I was hilariously fascinated by the "mormon missionary" version of Pierre, who we call Elder Pilz (pill-ts).
By the way, did you get my letter? It had all the pictures that I have taken here in the envelope. Let me know what you think. Please send the card back too if you wouldn't mind. Gotta have spares! Unless you think otherwise.
So also in this episode of A Semana--a vida de Elder Miller July 2010, We were talked to by a doctor about MALARIA!!!! AHHH!!!!! it's ok. everything is a ok. They said that it is Doxycycline and you take it everyday and it is important to wear sunscreen AND bug spray AND mosquito nets. The Doxycycline kills the malaria when it gets in you but you want to avoid it as much as possible. He said I will definitely be bit by a mosquito with Malaria (1/4 mosquitos have it) and that it is important to not miss a day because malaria will getcha! It will not kill you unless you are a small child or an aged soul because their immune systems are not as good. But you would be bed-ridden for quite sometime. Some missionaries think they are tough and don't need the medicine so they miss a day or whatever. The thing about malaria is, it can take up to three or more weeks before it actually starts to work its magical DOOM in your system. So those missionaries are toast in about three weeks. Thus, I will be taking my meds everyday! I actually thought that this was a great parable to prayer and reading your scriptures. You CAN'T miss a day! That's what keeps you protected. Praying and reading your scriptures and all that jazz is like physically getting up in the morning, putting on sunscreen, putting on bug spray, putting your armour on, and then following that with bug nets and a nice pill. We have to protect ourselves AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE from the merskiters of the devil! They'll getcha with their malaria!! So not to beat a dead mosquito but-- PRAY!!!!!!! and READ YOUR SCRIPTURES EVERY DAY!!!!!! :-D if there is one thing I wish I would have done more of before--that is it!
Anyways, these parables will hopefully come in handy cuz my teacher says that Mocambicanos are EXTREMELY visual people. They like things explained to them with something they can see and relate to. So of course, I need to learn from the Master of all parables and see what I can come up with. ;-D
Well, that's about all I have time for. My comp and I are awesomely Awesome! Still improving for the last week. He is super fun, super lazy, and super awesome. lol. So tht's prtty fntastc! Jst like ths mssge!
Love you all!!! I'll send you the package today!
Com Amor Sempre
Elder Miller


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