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Date: July 23, 2010
Area: MTC
Companion: Colvin


Well once again the MTc computer system is very terrible. Because they can't trust missionaries anymore I guess, they have reprogrammed the computers but they have done a terrible job at reprogramming these computers. If we had Terry, we would be great. (by the way, Brother Robinson is in my branch presidency--let him know he says hi). So Because of this, my time is much more limited this time. I can't wait for Africa. The computers over there ARE BETTER than the ones in the MTC ironically.
To answer your questions:
1. The rash-thing is some kind of reaction to pressure on the skin. They don't know why it happens it just does. It can scar but I am not to that point yet. They gave me a topical steroid to put on it. Clobetyl or something like that. I can't remember the name. Anyhow. That should clear up in a few weeks.
2.I have not received your package. Did you receive mine yet? I sent it last week. Also did you get my letter with the memory card full of pictures in it? I would like that back unless you feel I will be fine without it.
3. I don't know where the blue Garmin is. I haven't seen it in forever--before I went to college. McCall has my red Garmin. She is using it to train.
4. I don't know what time we have to be at the airport exactly. I just know we will be meeting here at the MTC at 1:30 to go. Plane takes off at 4:44 or something like that.
5. Yes my visa did come. Thus, I am leaving on Monday.
6. As far as what I need for one day service mail...nothing. I think I will be just fine. I am worried I already have too much. I will be sending some other stuff home that I won't need or that I can buy in Moz if I need it.
So that is that
I will remember my Mommy's 'membrance manners. :-) I just hope Elder Colvin does the same. The Military doesn't help manners much sometimes.
Well just a short story. Elder Colvin and another Elder had an argument over a fan (rather ridiculous) and it got pretty heated. verbally it was nao bom. Both of their pride got in the way and it was just messy. No physical anything just verbally messy. Too much gross pride. If you say that you don't have pride--that is the sure sign that you have it. It drives me crazy. Anyway, my peacemaking mode kicked in and later that night I apologized to the Elder for the offense he took from my comps actions at taking his fan as a joke. He asked why it wasn't Elder Colvin apologizing and I said that he wasn't ready. I asked him for patience as I worked with elder colvin. Then I talked to eldercolvin. to make a long story short (no time) I talked to eldercolvin about pride and I prayed and somehow a miracle happened and he went up and apologized to the elder. it was a true miracle that he got over his pride and talked to him. anyways, that and i prayed for eldercolvin to get a package one day when he was sad. you wouldn't believe it. he got a package. the Lord answers prayers! Keep Praying!
I love you all. talk to you in the airports! BTW which airports should i call at. how much time do i have?
Love ]
Elder miller


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