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What a riot!

Date: September 06, 2010
Area: Beira, Mozambique
Companion: Hendrickson


Ola Familia!

Wow! Mozambique Africa is definitely a riot! No. Literally. A Riot. Itºs a riot over here. Like quite seriously. So to answer your question first off, ya there is some stuff going on over here but first let's answer a few questions from the audience...

1.  We heard that there was some kind of protest over there.  Did you have to stay in your apt.?  Short answer--ya Long Answer--Yes

2.  Are you in a foursome or just you and Elder Hendrickson? Foursome. It's nice

3.  What are the seasons in Mozambique-- Hot and Humid, and REALLY hot and humid. We are moving into the really hot and humid stage now. And more wet too.

4.  Investigator news? 6 Baptsims scheduled. We need to start finding more investigators but we will see what all goes down here soon. We might be out of business for a while maybe

5.  What is it like going to church.  Do they have all of the auxiliaries? We are probably the only missionaries in the world that get to walk along the beach on our way to church. The church building is really nice and all imported from South Africa. It is pretty much like home except without an organ and piano (except the electric one) and no carpet (A thing I miss dearly...) And it is quite comic sometimes. People get called on to give talks and they just pull a no show. So frequently, President Bila (hilarious man) will get up and speak. He used to be a minister in another church I think so things get pretty interesting sometimes but hey. It's still the same church as back home!

6.  What is your church building like? Well let me answer that by asking you this--Did you read the last paragraph? I think I have made my point.

7.  What is the average income in Beira--or what is the dominant occupation? Average income--unsure. I would guess... maybe 700 meticais a week. Which equals about 20 bucks.That is probably a high guess. Most people I would say are street vendors. Just selling stuff on the street. so maybe more like 500 met a week.

8.  What are homes like there? Fairly normal except not for decoration. Depends on where you go. In the Baixa (city) Things are pretty normal. It looks like a really ghetto part of the us or maybe New York. A very very ghetto dirty part of New York. So not too bad! But in the Goto (suburban) it is pretty classic Africa. Tin hut-shack things and dirt roads with trash everywhere. Haven't seen any grass huts yet but ya. Still some really humbling stuff!

9  Any other interesting factoids you have--we love them all. I will give it all to ya right now.

So anyways, back to the program. Before we begin, may I emphasize to remain calm and if nausea or a panic attack sets in, please take a 5 minute intermission and assume praying position until the Lord calms you down and assures you I'm alright. So anyways, yes we were on lockdown one day this week. Actually cool story. We were walking in the Baixa and had a prompting to go home (for whatever reason) because we thought about the riots etc. and no one was on the street. When we got home, we were informed that all missionaries were on lockdown because of potential riots. We received this via cell phone. The cool part is that we don't walk with a cell phone (because of robbery etc). So Spiritual Text message from the Spirit! Nice! Make sure to have your Spiritual Cell Phone charged!

Anyway, in Beira, nothing actually happened. People just got scared and went on lockdown.  No riots but we were still careful and went home. We went out the next day and all was normal But in Maputo, things are a little uglier. So all the missionaries there are still on lockdown. I heard some pretty intense stuff is happening but all the missionaries are safe and fine. But ya. All of Maputo is on lockdown. That in one thing I like about Beira. It is so SO relaxed in comparison to Maputo. But ya. Even worse though, the government-controlled news lies and says that Maputo is all normal and good. Wow. Corruption! Not my favorite. I took a little pocket Declaration of Independence and Constitution with me and I read it often to remind me of what I have back home. I am so greatful for it! Wow. But ya not too worry. All missionaries are nice and safe. They take good care of us.

So anyway all that over raising the price of bread a few meticais. But if you think about it, that is still a ton. It is like raising gas another $5 a gallon or so. There might be riots in the States too. Especially if they did it suddenly and unexpectedly. Surprise!!! The difference is in the STates, you will still live. This is a little different.

So I sweat a ton right now when I work. IT gets pretty hot in the day. but at night...Perfect!!! Oh and one thing I love here is Muslims (of course right?). IT is so neat to see other religions. By the way, religion is a HUGE deal over here. Sunday, everyone goes to church. No one works because its sunday and you go to church on Sunday. So ya. Or sit at home but a lot of people go to church. Anyway, the vast majority are Catholic but dont really go. The next would probably be Islamic, which is super cool to see. I love culture!!! My favorite is hearing the call to prayer. If you dont know what this is, they sing really loud and call the entire Muslim population to prayer. It is done on a mineret (tower) traditionally but here they just use really big speakers. But I love it. Beautiful stuff that is! Speaking of Music. Everyone here is huge into music. Kimball would die here because they buy really nice speakers here and then blast music (which doesn't make much sense--They don't have much but its super important to have really nice speakers...A little cultural pet peeve. BUY FOOD!). So ya. Speakig oif music too... For Christmas, maybe, can you send some more music. Ya...you were right...straight Motab kinda gets old pretty quick. So if you find some good instrumental stuff or other good music like that, I would love it! Some thoughts-- Josh Groban, Celtic Woman, and Spirit-Stallion of the Cimmarron all have good music. And maybe some Les Mes too. y a. Just whatever ya find. Thanks!

Another fun fact. I have 3 titles. Irmao Elder Miller. Everyone uses Irmao or Irma (brother-sister) So I am Brother Elder Miller.  Nice!

Another interesting question I was asked. Is Jesus black or white. Hmm Not quite sure how to answer that nicely. We just said that when he was alive, he had the same skin as the Jews because he was a jew. So... Yup. Not quite sure about when he was ressurected but ya. Interesting question. How do you respond to that one exactly?

Oh ya and could you send me some Jesus stickers some time. It will help get packages home. and letters =)

Oh and the Sunsets here are to die for. I'm going to take some pics and send them to you here on a backup card so you can see what is going on.

Well It is about that time again! Thanks for everything! I will write back with more next week!

God Speed the Right!

Elder Miller


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