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Ma-ex-ex girlfr...I mean Maxixe!

Date: October 25, 2010
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: Freire


(please read with a "movie guy voice")

When terror strikes...

*epic music interlude*

And excitement grows...

*more epic music*

One man...


And his mission...

*Epic Musical Climax* AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!~


*BA-NA-NA-NA!* (hidden message)

Elder Freire and Elder Miller in


Maxixe--Rated R starts thursday October 21

Does it sound like a good movie? I hope I have your attention cuz here goes! So I am writing you from my new area. It is quite a wonderful place but it has some differences--ok a lot of differences than Beira. First off, just a few things. Mom, I have not yet received the package, however, do not let this alarm you. I am pretty certain that it is here, I just haven't received it yet. Maxixe (by the way, pronounced mah-SHEE-sh or mah SHEE-shee) is a little bit out of everyone's way. Basically it is kinda it's own separate mission place. We don't have District Leaders or Zone Leaders or anything. We just have a group leader Elder Wilson, who just kinda directs everything. It is the same way with Nampula, Marromeu, and Tete. So ya. Just kinda chillin. Let me start with the journey...

So I rode (sp?) down with a casal (couple) the Bingham's. We rode down during the day and I got to see the country side! It was so so awesome! Last time, we rode during the night. No fun. But we saw some animal life! I saw the "Zazoo" bird thing off of the lion king and also as we were driving, a troop of monkeys crossed the road in front of us. So we stopped and had a good look. Probably about 10-12 monkey adults and children. That was way fun. They weren't small either. I mistook them for baboons at first--but as we all know, baboons have big red butts and a bad attitude. These monkeys didn't have any of that. Anyways. My camera was dead so I couldn't take pictures. Sad day. Then later, we got right behind a truck that had 20 or 30 goats on top of a bunch of cargo. That was funny! They all had a rope tied to them and were just balancing on top! Haha. yup. Africa. Then we passed by a hilarious sign. Boy do I wish I had my camera! A gas station sign in the middle of nowhere Africa that said "Food-Gas-Muslim Prayer" HAhaha! I was in heaven! It was hilarious! It even had a little stick figure design of some muslims praying on a carpet. I just thought it was funny and cool at the same time. Anyhow. That was basically the travel.

Then I got here. Wow! It is like paradise here! In Beira, the beaches are dirty and the water is brown. Here, the beaches are pristine and the water is beautiful blue! The house is huge! We have church there. It has a piano. This is a much richer part of Mozambique--in general. Inhambane is the resort town across the bay. Haven't been there yet (too bad I'm not one of the Elders working there who cross the bay by ferry everyday) but I will go there soon. Anyways. The work here is SUPER different. We bless and pass the sacrament and play the piano and teach and do all sorts of stuff. In Beira, everything was pretty established. Here not so much. Not at all actually. I went knocking doors for the first time. Haven't been rejected yet. haha. at least not formally. There are a lot of cool things here. There are quite a few muslims and there is even a Hindu community thing here! Woot! I like that. We don't have a shoprite so we buy stuff elsewhere. Unlike Beira, we don't have air conditioning and I am sweating like a man! Epa! I have never stunck more in my entire life. No deoderant. No Air Conditioning. No fun! I don't even sleep with covers anymore. It's that bad. You just don't stop sweating here. Anyways, basically, this is what I thought the work in Africa. AWESOME. I loved Beira but the city got to me. I didn't realize how super stressed out I was. But here is so so my style of life! It's not country really but it is just small resort-ish town. Anyway. That is about the rundown of Maxixe.

When I got here, the next day I went to a wedding! Wow! So perfect!!! It was just so simple! There is one member here and he doesn't even live in Maxixe. He joined the church in South Africa and moved here and found a woman. They have been living together for quite sometime. We got here and I guess we got the marriage process going. Anyways. It was so wonderful. She looked beautiful. He looked happy. And everything was just so so simple and casual without a care in the world--because they were getting married. It really was just so wonderful. I want my wedding to be as simple and as carefree as that one. Turns out, you really don't need alot of things to get married--including expensive rings! They used like cracker jack style rings. Haha. But it was awesome! I'm all about that stuff. So that was fantastic. Oh. And I guess they have a tradition here that I wasn't aware of at first. I guess they do a double kiss thing, one on each cheek, when you greet someone--and especially at a formal gathering. So I went to shake the bride's sisters hand and she took it, got up real close, and pulled a little kiss kiss move on both of my cheeks. I was kinda surprised at that to say the least, then I went up to the mother and she did the same thing! So I figured, ok good it's just a cultural thing that women do. Well, apparently it ain't just the women folks! My comp went up to a guy (brother?) to shake his hand and he went in for the double kiss manuever! Immediately my comp stepped back and said "No No! Just shake my hand like a man!" haha! It was hilarious but I am glad he set him straight. Sure ok I'll let girls do their cultural whatever but a man is just a little too far. A girl is awkward enough for a missionary! So that was funny.

So we are just a working hard out here. Good to hear that BYU won! They just need to learn from their mistakes. I figure that making mistakes is actually a good thing sometimes. We tend to learn more from our mistakes than trying to aviod them. But ya. Try not to make mistakes. But if you do, that's perfectly fine! As long as you learn something.

Oh ya and just a little more about my comp. He is from Capo Verde and his dream is to go to BYU. I told him I worked at the BYU library and he said that the BYU library is his dream. He is really a smart kid. He wants to go into history--hopefully at BYU if he can get in. But ya. He wants to read all of Hugh Nibley's books and Joseph Fielding Smith and alot of church authors. Boy did he make me feel spoiled. He said he wouldn't even leave the library. He would stay from 7 to midnight every day and just study and read. Wow. He is incredible and is teaching me so much. I hope he goes to BYU one day. He says he just needs to learn English. I think he understands alot and he can get by with speaking it but he struggles so ya. Anyways. I'll give you more updates along the way.

So Always Be Grateful!!! Sorry no Africanisms this time!

With MUCH Love Com MUITO Amor

Elder Miller


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