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KFC for Thanksgiving

Date: November 29, 2010
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: Freire


Da Fam,

Well sorry that this letter is a little bit later than usual. We kinda did a switch-a-roowie for P day today. We went to a resort beach town thing to play some soccer. It is in Inhambane and a long ways away, so we went in the morning instead of the afternoon. Thus I am here writing in the afternoon. It was fun and I got a few pics. Everything is so so expensive at resort towns and all they advertise is white people and english stuff. It ain't the real Africa. Haha. Wow. Living in a culture and looking back is quite interesting. Definitely different. White people are so weird.

Well I went to Maputo. It was pretty legendary dude. Like, man. President knows what he is talking about. He gave a psychadelic class about the symbolism of the Tree of Life and stuff. I learned alot. Just one problem... I didn't ge'cher package. Reason: it is residing in customs and I guess the process is long and difficult to get it out. Hence, they didn't have it when I got there. So It will come to me. Someday. Hopefully before Christmas. But all is well, "for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith, to be content" as Paul said with tact (Philippians 4:11). Haha. I am pretty sure that you learn more patience here than anywhere. Haha. So you just choose to love it and do the best with your situation. Sometimes, that just means smile and wave. =D

Speaking of Thanksgiving (which I spent in Maputo. We went to KFC (yes, they have a KFC)). I have come to the stark realization that my belly is growing. That means I am getting fat. I have been in denial for quite sometime now but as Sister Spendlove so tactfully pointed out, "Elder Miller. Those pants look like they fit you......about 3 months ago!" Haha. I love Sister. They both have a way of just saying it how it is. So do Mozambicans. Well what that means is I am going on a diet. Hopefully it works! Give me a few tips if you can as far as healthy dishes. I am going to focus my diet on chicken, fish, and veggies. Just lettin ya know.

Pizza here is pretty good. But I am 100% certain it is better there!


1. So far, no one baptized. But this transfer we will have baptisms. We have a few people ready. The first baptized members in Maxixe!

2. Fresh Fruits and veggies. Well. Veggies are year round. All the standard. Potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, green peppers, cucumbers, beans, etc. but as far as fruit, there is the Mango/Manga! They are SUPER delicious. I just go outside, pick a manga off the tree in the back, and bask in a splendiferous flavor that ya just can't get in the states! Coconuts are year round. You can occasionally find other fruits--I only know the names in Portuguese--but it appears as if I am in a bad spot to try lots of different exotic fruits. I can't find very many here. If I were in Beira still, it would be a different story. But ya. Oranges, Avocados, lemons, you name it! This place is cheio! (full) of fruit and veggies.

3. Mosquitos aren't too bad. This season they get pretty bad but Maxixe is not a swamp like Beira so things don't get so bad here. But speaking of Malaria, I gave my first real blessing in portuguese the other day to a man who has Malaria. I hope the best for him. It was a great experience. Usually people get Malaria at least once in their life here. Generally, things go well unless it goes cerebral. That's when things get bad. So ya. You just have to be careful. You don't want to get it. But ya. That's the story of life.

4. Health is a-ok. I'm just fat because I cant exercise. 30 min in the morning ain't enough. Plus my comp doesn't like to run so that doesn't help much. I run in place every morning but ya. A man can only do so much before he has to diet--a seemingly unmanly thing to do. haha.

I want to see Tangled. I was completely unaware that anything like that came out. News to me!

Fun things this week (Africanisms):

1. One of our investigators is a rapper. Ok. So rap before the mission was ok. But now, it is awesome! I love it. haha. and he does well too. Haha what am I turning into? But ya. haha. What is kinda funny is when they swear in english but they have no idea what they are saying. haha. Things here are just... hilarious sometimes.

2. So if you own a truck and you put a bunch of stuff in it, but the straps to tie everything down aren't long enough, what do ya do? Well, simply use a man. I like to call in Man Straps. It was quite hilarious. A car going some 50 miles an hour, with a man on the tailgate, holding down a bunch of stuff. That's living life on the edge... literally! Man Straps. It's the way to go... (haha pun)

3. Don't call your snacks sugar. Everyone knows sugar is bad for you. So call them Glucose! with strength and energy! All of the sudden, it is a scientific breakthrough. Haha. Marketing here is great. The thing is, it is the same thing in the US. Just a little bit more complex. Haha. We are all the same!

Well, I have never been in heat so hot that I can't think. Sometimes it is that bad. And our air conditioners still don't work very well so we are just manning it out. Or maybe, missionary-ing it out. Phew. Sweat my brains out. I love you all and keep up everything you are doing. Spend time together as much as possible! Tell Mama J hi for me. I don't know if she knows about my site so if she feels like reading some stuff, that's great. If she is too busy too, than tell her not to worry. You can let her know I'm a singin and a sweatin and just a chuggin along! A letter is coming her way sometime soon.

Well I hope you all are well! Love life! It's a choice!

Love, Elder Miller


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