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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...not!

Date: December 06, 2010
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: Freire


It's begining to look at lot like Christmas....kinda...ok not at all. 

BUT the good news is I'll be able to have tasty, scrumptious mango shakes throughout all this month of December... Haha! Take that! 

ok... still not exciting but ya know. Ya do what you can. Speaking of Christmas season, things are just getting started here. I can definitely say that if the christmas tree can get all the way down here in Africa, it has to be everywhere in the world! Of course they ain't the real deal but they got 'em! Some of our investigators already have theirs up and decorated. It's way fun. 

So good news! Another little Christmas Gift that came out of nowhere. Our little soldier of a missionary Elder Smith (the one who really was a soldier in Afganistan) said he would go running with me. That means I won't be too fat/out of shape for long. It's about time I get rid of this very strange belly. haha. All of the natives tell me I am becoming a man because of my belly. I guess it is a status symbol. It isn't a problem being fat. It is actually a good thing. But I am not fat. I guess just out of shape. Look at me--in denial and all--how pitiful. 

Well this week's epic of life was a little less eventful than the others. Oh ya. As I told Luke, I saw a giganter crab (and then the farmer beat it to death with a stick--that was kind of sad) and a milipede. Eating sugar cane is kinda fun too. Bite it off, chew it up, spit it out. haha. I think it is really bad for your teeth but ya. It's fun! Speaking of food, they eat just about every kind of leaf here. I'm going to get the recipe and make some Pumpkin leaf soup stuff. It's pretty good.

Oh and while we are cooking on this subject, I have another story. Eating out here is a joke sometimes. Ok all the time. I want ya'll to appreciate fast service and awesome food. So every friday we eat out because we have district meeting. This friday (as an example. this is typical) we went to the restaurant and ordered our food. So we waited. My comp ordered and drank several cokes. We waited some more. After about 35 minutes they came out with the first plate. All of us but me ordered a "meio frango" or half chicken. I ordered a hamburger because I knew it would be fast (or would it?). So the first plate was a half chicken. Then after about 5 minutes more, they came out with two more half chickens (or if we want to be mathematicians, they came out with a whole chicken). So with a whole chicken and a half the others started to eat. Then they came out with another plate 5 minutes later but it wasn't a half chicken--it was fish. They said they ran out of chicken. Haha. "Where did the other half go?" I wondered, "And where is my hamburger? Did they have to go out back and shoot the cow? Or are they still looking for the cow?" Thus were my thoughts as I sat and watched everyone eating their chicken or fish with rice and french fries. Then after about an hour of waiting, they delivered to me my hamburger, cold, wrapped in plastic wrap, and about the size of a squirrels brain. Ok maybe a little bigger. Haha. I laughed (as I have learned to do here) and ate my tiny morsel. I ended up finishing before anyone else. It made sense to me why it was so cheap. lol. Anyways, that is one way to eat in Africa! I have figured out that you don't make orders. You make requests. "Can I please have an orange Fanta please?" and they give you grape. That is Mozambique baby! It's Hilarious! 

Regarding Companions: So there were a few mudan├žas (changes) here in Maxixe with respect to companions. Elder McKell left and Elder McCullough came to town. He is with Elder Carvalho. Just that. But also with respect to companions, me and mine have been going through some "learning experiences." He speaks great portuguese (because he is a native so obviously) and he loves to teach and loves the gospel. All great things however... I feel like he is teaching our investigators too much stuff. Notice I said he is teaching them. Haha. During an hour lesson, he usually speaks 90% of the time and I just kinda add in my testimony because of the deer-in-the-headlights look on our investigators faces. Haha. So... I figured this isn't how it is supposed to be. So I told him I wanted to have a companionship inventory, or in other words "let's talk it out." Haha. It didn't go over very well. He has a hard time with things like this. He doesn't like suggestions or correction. He just likes to study--by himself--and teach. Haha. He is still friendly and stuff but his study is always by himself. Apparently so is his teaching. So we talked and after a few talks things started getting a little better. He kind of reminds me of Pierre, our German friend. He loves knowledge and to him, knowledge is everything. That puts me at somewhat of a disadvantage because I don't work that way. Small and simple is how I am here. And so I feel like I don't have very much value but that's all good. I'm loving him the best I can. Things will work out. It doesn't get me down. Haha. I just learn to smile and wave and do the best with what I have! Woot! I love it actually. I'm growing so much. 

Well I have only one Africanism today... 

You know you are in Africa if all the cars you see have little quotes on them. Quotes like, "I trust in you Jesus" and "Don't play with fire" and "God is for everybody" and "Jesus is the Lord" and "Trust in Jesus" and anything like that. Usually these quotes speed down the highway at 90 miles an hour. I truly believe that the only thing you can trust in at 90 miles here in Mozambique is Jesus. It's a great life. 

Well, sorry that this wasn't the most exciting letter in the world, but I'm sure next weeks epic will be exactly that...epic! Give Give Give! Love Love Love! Eat some snow for me--but make sure it's not yellow (I don't eat yellow snow--or brown snow). That goes for you too Tego! (by the way, how is that dog? does he like the snow?) 

The Gospel is True! Live it! 

I love ya'll! 

Elder Miller 


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