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Wonderful Adventure

Date: December 22, 2010
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: Freire


Mother and Father and Family of me. 

I love you.

Secondly, This is my awesome email for the week and it contains within itself a wonderful adventure.

Thirdly, you can expect a call from me on Christmas Day at mais ou menos 12:00 noon your time. It should be exciting!

So... Let's get down to the nitty gritty...

First off I would like to let you know that I WILL be receiving my packages on or before Christmas. Haha. They said that I have "uh... some" packages. So we can at least expect 2 or more. woot woot. Also, Christmas should be an awesome adventure here in Maxixe. Especially for me. You will see why here in a minute but ya. I think we are planning on visiting the Catholic Mass or something and then going to the beach and getting the party started with Santa. Ya. We told him not to bring his coat.

So as for some awesome stories. I don't know if I already told you but we dug an awesome manly man hole. It was definitely very manly. We used our man powers and dug a man hole the height, depth, and width of a man. Thus, it was manly. Here they call it a cova. In the US, they would call it a trash hole. I call it the legend of our manliness. Speaking of things large and manly, I saw a rooster that was bigger than Tego (at least when I last saw him). It was a huge creature, with great and majestic talons, and a meaty body. I'm not sure if he will stay around for Christmas. I guess I will find out. 

We met some new people. It is a bunch of youth that decided to take the lessons. They are the most responsible young people I have ever seen here! They take care of the house (and do a good job too) all by themselves and they just know what's up in life. It's pretty fresh. Another investigator we have was having lots of trouble. We can just say that he got into a little trouble with the law of Chastity which ended up being against the law as well. Well he was going to court and he started drinking every day. Alot. We had to stop teaching him for a while. We ended up just dropping off a pamphlet about the Word of Wisdom to him and left. We came back a little while later and he was sober. Accordingly, we sat down to talk to him. We asked him if he got the pamphlet. He said yes. We responded, "what did you learn?" The rest is history. He told us everything in detail. That it was a commandment received by Joseph Smith on such and such a date and it had to do with our physical health and that we should obstain from X types of substances and we should eat X types of foods and veggies, and to be moderate with meat etc etc etc. And so we just read D&C 89 a little with him. It is awesome when this stuff happens. There is an IMMEDIATE difference in the lives of our investigators when they learn to love the gospel and really commit to memory what they learn. It's awesome.

Another one of our investigators is named Rofina. She had an amputation on her right leg and so she is not very mobile. Well, surprise surprise for us! She showed up to church on Sunday! It was so so awesome! People have incredible faith here. Literally. We have given a few blessings here and I feel like I have to be careful because it seems like whatever we lay our hands on gets healed...the next day! It is really incredible and I know that it is the faith of our investigators. So far, we have given blessings to 3 people with malaria and they got better the next day. Not to mention other acts of faith like our investigator Jafar (no not the one with the snake staff). Jafar is really an incredible man. His little dog (Tego size) just about got torn to pieces by two other BIG dogs that both had rabies and were very poorly controlled by the owner. He took his dog to the vet. The vet said that she probably wouldn't live. I saw the dog. I actually thought for a moment that it died during our lesson because she stopped breathing for quite some time. We gave a good lesson that Friday about faith and the brother of Jared. Jafar showed up on Sunday so I asked him how his dog was. He said, "It really is incredible. She is up walking around now and today, she took her first drink of water after 5 days without eating or drinking anything. It looks like she is going to get better!" Faith and the power of believing coupled with the humility to accept the will of the Lord is a powerful combination. And it doesn't just extend to people either. It's pretty incredible. But even more than the physical healing I see here, the greater miracle is the spiritual healing that I can see in every willing investigator. That is truly a greater miracle.

Well as for this P-day, it was really fun! It was Elder Smith's birthday so we threw a birthday just fit for a sniper in the army! We went to do internet. It didn't work. So we had to look for a good place to do internet. Wrote super quick (because of lack of time) and went to catch a chappa to the beach! We went there, played soccer, saw a turtle and a ton of little crabs, and played some soccer. Toward the end of the game, I went to shoot the ball into the goal...Just one problem...My comp fell down in front of me and I think he went to kick the ball in the other direction. And thus it was, My big toe colided with the shin bone of my companion. With stunned awe I sang a new song that sounded like this, "OOOOOOOOOOOUUUUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as I stumbled and did a front flip over my companion into the soft Mozambican sand. So basically, that was the dramatic way of telling you that I broke my big toe while playing soccer on the beach in Mozambique. Either that or I jammed it really good. I ended up having to walk home where I put ice on in and wrapped it up and stuff. I took yesterday off too because I can't walk very well. Right now I am walking with a staff and sandals... So you can call me Moses!!! haha. Anyways. Please don't worry about that. It isn't too bad. It is actually really pretty. My toe would make a great exhibit in a colorful modern art gallery. It would definitely attract a crowd.... (?)... But! back to P-day. So I broke my toe on Elder Smith's birthday, I walked back to the house and the others went out to buy three chickens. We bought them, killed them, prepared them, and cooked them. Now I know how to kill, prepare, and cook a chicken all by myself! Look at me! I'm learning awesome stuff. Anyways. I got it on film. I had a thought that doing disections would help prepare me to make dinner for a sniper on his birthday while on a mission in Africa. Wild guess!
Anyways, that is a pretty good update. I suppose you'll get the rest this Saturday!!! I'm slobbering over the telephone just a waitin' as I'm sure you all are as well.
I love you all and please! DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE TOE, (ahem... mother. :-) I love you! lol) I'm doing great and my toe looks the prettiest I have ever seen it. And personally it is a blessing. How many missionaries get to walk in flip flops with a staff in the middle of Africa? Not many I take it. Just call me Elder Moses.
Love you again! Have fun. Don't do anything illegal or stupid!
Com amor
Elder Moses Miller


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