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Christmas Phone Call Update

Date: December 20, 2010
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: Freire


Mom and fam
Internet is terrible here. We didn't have time to go back and do internet. It wasn't working. Elder Wilson and Elder Smith actually got it done but it didn't work for the rest of us. Anyways, now the university is closed until Jan. 15. We didn't know that today and so Today, unfortunately again, is going to be very very short. But hey. It's a letter. So far, I don't have my packages but I will get them. They are in the Mission Home. Sometime this week I will return to write more but for now that's about all I can write.
What day and time do you want me to call? I was thinking Christmas morning would not be the best option so Maybe Christmas evening or the 26. Anyways it all depends on you. And this is according to your time. So for now I will say I will call Christmas evening Your Time. I'll come back to write more and stuff. but ya.
Love you all!!!
Sorry about Mozambique!!!! It's a mess sometimes!!!
Love Elder miller


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