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The Great Rat Adventure

Date: January 11, 2011
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: Smith


Hello Family!
Sorry that I didn't get to write you yesterday. Since there are only three computers and 6 missionaries (only one working computer yesterday) it was a little difficult to fit all of us in at the right time. So here I am 24 hours later with some incredible news. Unfortunately (haha but in truth, fortunately) we have a lesson here in a little bit so I will have to make this one a little brief. but ya. that's the way life goes sometimes.
#1 We had transfers. Well you will never believe what happened. Transfers are probably the most exciting things on the planet for us. Next to the phone call to home of course. So here we have it. Elder Wilson Elder Smith Elder Freire Elder McCullough Elder Miller Elder Carvalho--the 6 missionaries of Maxixe. One of us is leaving and who? none other than our district leader Elder Wilson! That means somebody has to take his place. Guess who that is? Yup. Yours truly. Elder Miller. Thus I will be working in Inhambane with Elder Smith as my new companion and Elder Freire will receive another named Elder Astle. So that is pretty cool. I am not in any way exactly excited to be district leader. I have to take care of the bills and deal with the owners of our wreck-of-a-house as well as do lots of other stuff. But! On the other hand, it will be really nice to have lots to do instead of nothing to do. Elder Freire is a pretty independant guy and so that made things a little difficult but hey. I made it a good companionship in the end, even if the way we worked wasn't exactly unified.
Another thing. This week, a wonderful rat entered our house--and the room I was sleeping in. So at 10:30 to 11:30 at night, 4 of us were in the room, tearing it apart looking for the guy. He pooped on Elder Smiths bed. That is how we knew it was real at first and not just our imagination. Anyways. We were all armed with our own weapons. Elder Smith and Elder McCullough were armed with brooms, Elder Wilson with a shoe, and me? with my bed sheets and a broken dustpan. We were all searching frantically for the guy. When we found him, he would scurry around the room and we were all jumping around and screaming like 10 year old girls. This includes a 25 year old who was in the army. Well I did my part well. The rat tried to escape but I stood just outside the door. When he came my way, I performed the co-ordinated movements of screaming, jumping, and swinging my sheets in the direction of the rat. Well it worked. I felt like the goalie. When the rat comes at me, I kick him back into play. I blocked two goals. It was fantastic. Anyways, we got him. He is safe in rat heaven--the missionaries did justice.
The toilet that you have sure sounds luxurious. You should see the animal I sit on. It's a beast. Did you really fall and hit your head? or was that someone else?
To answer mom's questions, yes we only teach Principios do Evangelho or Gospel Principles. Church in total only lasts 1 hour and a half. Nice huh? We take turns doing things, blessing/passing the sacrament, playing piano, leading, conducting, giving talks, etc.
I'm sorry that I can't get pictures to you yet. Still haven't got the first package. Dunno why. Maybe when I go down to Maputo to see Elder Scott it will be there waiting. Hopefully. Oh ya. Richard G. is coming here. Don't know if I mentioned that. It is going to be great! And a seventy. Elder Watson. It will be great. But back to pictures, I will do my best to get my card to Dr. Wilcox and then I'll be sure to find a new one somewhere around here. I think they might sell them at this internet place but I dunno. I'll find one. As far as a card reader, I might maybe just possibly be able to buy Elder Carvalho's off of him. He is leaving after this next transfer. We will see. Anyways. Ya. That way, I will be able to send you pics com mais frequencia ou seja more frequently.

A (CBM): I am very tan. It is pretty nice. I tan every day and especially p-days at the beach. I am darker than ever before. Haha so is my companion. He calls it negritude or his blackness. Haha. He says he has reached his peak negritude. And it is definitely visible.
Commentary (JWM): Guess what bro? I have a sniper for a comp! Haha. He works out like insane. So just watch out! this transfer I am hitting the gym--of Africa! Jungle Gym. You betta watch out!
A (GEM): Yes Gracee my toe is ok. It doesn't hurt anymore. I'm wearing shoes and walking just fine now. It is very very very hot here but if you want you can come here someday. Love you sis!
A (MGM): Investigators hit an all time high. We had probably about 40-45 people at sacrament meeting. We ran out of sacrament cups for the first time! Woot! this week I was the pianist and sunday school teacher. It was sweet. The other missionaries (mainly Elders Carvalho and McCullough) use the card reader. They are comps so that is easy but I don't know about the others. I don't think they send a ton of pics.
A (WBM): As far as things about the atonement, well, this relates. But I am finding out the purpose of this life. What is it? Some people say that we are here to be tested. This is true but why. We are here to follow the gospel. But why? Well we find an answer in 2 Nephi 2:25. Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have JOY. What are we all searching for? What does the world lack? Why do we do everything we do? We are all seaching for happiness in some form or another. The wonderful thing is that God has shown us how to be happy--through the gospel and the commandments. They are the detailed guidelines of our ultimate well being. All of this because a loving Father in Heaven wants our ultimate progression and happiness--to bring to pass immortality and eternal life. As any good parent knows, the greatest joy they can ever experience is in seeing the success and happiness of their children. Because we cannot do this alone, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to open up the way to eternal happiness and everlasting peace. What a wonderful blessing! And it is through him that we achieve this happiness. Ultimately we are backed into a corner where we must make a choice, Liberty and Eternal Life through Christ or Captivity and Death through the Devil (2 Ne. 2:29), The fruit of the tree of life, or the people in the great and spacious building without a foundation, God or Mammon (mammon in the greek means money). So where will we choose? only lasting happiness comes through the atonement of Jesus Christ. We will know that we are on the right path when we are repenting. As we continually repent, we will receive a lasting happiness and something more deep--not superficial like we find in the world. It is this way that we should live love and learn.
Just a few thoughts.
Anyways! Love you all! Have a good tuesday!
Love Elder Miller


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