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Date: February 14, 2011
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: Smith


That is what this is all about anyways! Haha. But this Valentine's Day, it's just me and Christ going out there sharing the love.
So this week. Well It's pretty normal. Not too much happened. We are working as hard as ever! It is pretty interesting how many people we work with. Different people. From all sorts of nationalities. But ya. some Africanisms...
1. When you see a sign that says Speak for free on the telefone for only 100 metacais. It's really cheap!   .... Not sure what they are actually trying to say but hey! great marketing strategy!
2. When you realize that comfort doesn't exist in Africa. haha. I was thinking about it and in all reality the only comfort that we have is the gospel. We were talking about the physical demands of Africa and he (my comp) said, "you know what I realized?" I said what. He said, "I haven't had one day on this mission where I could say I was comfortable." haha. I looked back on my own time here, almost 9 months, and I can honestly say the same thing. Haha. I am going without physical comfort! Haha. It didn't specifically say that on the call I received but I guess that's how it is. No soft chairs. No Carpet. SUPER uncomfortable plastic chairs at everyone's house. No variety in food. No real mattresses (I sleep on a foam pad on top of some wooden beams that some people would like to call a bed), No you, letters from time to time, no air conditioning sometimes, no time for rest, walking, teaching, speaking a language 24/7, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, cold showers, just NO COMFORT. haha. At least not like I knew like back home. Well that's my sacrifice!
3. When you get the opportunity to witness a baptism from the beach.
4. When you are walking home and a sudden rainstorm soaks you as you try to run for cover back to the house but by the time you get there, it stops and you are already swimming-in-a-pool wet.
5. When you speak dialect to all the machamba mamas and they just laugh and cackle all day long.
Haha. Being in Africa is a crazy interesting experience. Our new member is doing great. He told us he started studying about the School of the Prophets. haha. Surprise for us! So that is pretty intense.
How is the guy from California doing? He is doing pretty well. I wasn't there last time with him because I ws doing an interview for another baptism. I guess he is pretty intense though. Haha. He is on a search for happiness; he is on a true spiritual journey. I guess he is writing a historical fiction book based on truths from the Bible. His idea is that people will be like, "whoa that book is true!" and then he will come out and be like, "well I based everything from stories in the bible (specifically the prophet Elijah)" and that's how he is going to make his point. Little does he know that that is the idea behind the Book of Mormon. Anyways. Good guy.
How was church?  Many investigators? 0 investigators. 1 member. Haha. We are trying but to cross the sea on sunday is a hard experience. Only one boat runs and it waits to fill up so it can take 1 hour and a half just to cross. sometimes longer.
Did the other people commit to baptism? Not yet.
Do you suspect anything at the next transfer?  When are transfers anyway? I think transfers will happen this week. if not then they happen next week.
Anything else that you learned at home, from church, from seminary, living away at BYU that is helping you on your mission? Do what you are supposed to and don't worry about the rest. Do your duty. Clean your room. Do the dishes and your laundry. Learn responsibility. When you need to get something done and you don't want to do it, just don't think about it and get to it! Learn to love to work. Don't tolerate any form of wickedness or evil. Not even for a second! Don't slowly cave in to pressure like Lehonti in Alma 47. Deny it every single time without question. Just remember we are going to make mistakes but don't dare for a second wallow in your mistakes. Just keep going. Keep your eyes on the ball. on the goal. Learn what you like, choose a path, and follow it to the end. Two things I wish I learned a little more of. Self control and Goal setting! I'm trying to figure those out here. If you ever have any advice on those things please give me some. Haha.
How is the technology out there? What's new? Movies?
Favorite Scriptures?
Luke: That's a fantastic joke! My comp laughed.
Caleb: Francisco. He is doing awesome. He is an army member in the Moz army. A paratrooper. He was shot several times during the civil war here and somehow lived. We found him in a mess but we taught him the gospel and now he is baptized and going strong!
Gracee (and everyone): XOXOXOXOXOXOxoxoxoxoxoxxXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX!
I love you and I hope you all have a fantastic Valentines day!
Love Elder Miller


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