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Finally...A Warm Shower!

Date: February 07, 2011
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: Smith


Well here I am in the middle of Mozambique--again. haha. Wanna know why things are pretty fantastic right now? I just took my first warm shower in about 6 months! haha. Wow it brought memories of home. But as is necessary here, I am sweating profusely as I type so I may need...
to take a few breaks to wipe my sweat off my head. But that's not news. However it is getting a little colder. Especially at nights so we can kind of sleep.
First things first! Mom! You are going to counsel with your doctor person this Thursday? On the very eve of the day of your birth? Well I guess I should say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Eat an extra piece of cake for me. :-) or a banana works just as well. :-) good luck!
Interesting. Elder Carvalho is the one shaking Elder Scott's hand in the picture on Church News.
GO BYU! I'm glad the Packers won.
As a matter of fact I have heard about the fiasco in Egypt. I am wondering exactly what more is going on. I saw a little bit of some films going on there. It looks like a nice place except for the riots. But hey. I experienced riots here too. It's kinda fun-ish except for the misconduct. Maybe it's just fun because you know the Lord is protecting you. ANYWAYS. What more is going on over there. I heard a rumor that they are also trying to get religious freedom of some sort. Not sure if that is the case but if it were, this could mean a possible opportunity for the church. That's basically how it happened here in Mozambique. When Portugal dominated, supposedly the only allowed religion was Catholicism. Then there was the revolt and with it came religious freedom. Anyways. An interesting thought at least. I heard a similar thing is going on in Algeria... or Libia. I don't remember which. What is certain is that North Africa is under revolt for some cause I don't know what.
We, the people of Maxixe, as a matter of fact DID have a baptism of our brother Francisco. It was awesome. I can say now that this is basically my first grown up convert baptism. And he was ready for it. haha. This was probably "the most spiritual experience" of my mission so far. It was just awesome. Baptized on the beach by our only member. It was pretty cool. I have pictures but surprise surprise I forgot to bring my camera this week. But it was really good. One of the investigators that came to the baptism (whom I have taught before in Maxixe) started chanting and singing and clapping her hands after the baptism and kissed him on the cheek. It was pretty funny but cool. She is an incredible woman of faith and if I am not mistaken, she has a baptismal date for later this month.
Money--I'm fine!
Comp--Doing fantastic. Teaching me how to be a man! If you run into that guy again, see if he knows Sergent Smith. Ask him his name.
I'll be thinking of more Africanisms during the week to send.
Gracee's hair looks pretty nice to me! Beautiful! It is a lot longer than I saw it last!
Well. Here is one story. We met this guy from Oakland California the other day. He is living with some people here in Inhambane. It was weird speaking English but awesome at the same time. Anyways. He knows the temple there says it is beautiful and has seen a lot of missionaries on his travels ALL around the world. Interesting. Here is his story:
He grew up in Very Northern California in a very small town bordering Oregon. It is called Happy Camp, California. His dad worked for the forest service. He ended up moving away and doing a bunch of other things including forest service and logging. He always wanted to go to college but he said that it didn't work for him and that he had struggles with that kind of stuff. Nevertheless, he earned quite a bit of money in his jobs and so he built a very nice house and a bunch of nice stuff. You could even see the temple from his house. After a while he realized he felt very "empty" and made a drastic move--he sold every thing he had. EVERYTHING. House, Cars, Furniture, Valuables, everything except a few pictures and letters and stuff from his childhood which he kept in one of those fire safe boxes no bigger than that one package I got before Christmas. Ends up that somehow he lost that too because someone took it and sold it or something. So he was down to two suitcases of the essentials of living and a lot of money. With this he is travelling the world writing a book (about what I am not sure) but he loves the book of Revelations in the Bible and he is truly a man seeking God and more meaning in his life. Well we sat with him and I think it will be extremely good. He has been travelling and not working for 3 years now. Right now we figured that he wants to know how to truly repent. He said directly "I don't want to just go through the motions." He wants to be able to feel the Spirit with him at all times. Sounds like gold? We had a great discussion in English and we plan on returning. We will see where this takes us. One thing is for sure, you meet some interesting people in Inhambane. French, Italian, Portuguese, American, Nigerian, Spanish, Cuban, Indian, Chinese and Brazillian just to name a few.
Well hope you like it! Be true! Take some advice from Elder Bednar, "Don't worry about it!" :-)
With love,
Elder Miller


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