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Thoughts on Death of the Teen Years

Date: February 28, 2011
Area: Maxixe, Mozambique
Companion: McCullough


Hello Beloved Family.

Well my last letter I wrote was actually awesome and epic. At the end I decided to try to upload some fotos to try to bring more happiness and joy to you all. But! as you can only expect, there were problems. Anticipating the calamity that was about to happen, I tried frantically to save the precious email which I had written. Unfortunately it didn't work and it wiped my email from the face of the planet. So... Now that I don't have a ton of time I will have to summarize everything. Sorry!!!

#1 I love all of your letters. They made me laugh really hard!

#2 Things are going well with my comp. Elder McCullough will be a fantastic companion for me. Elder Reuch is great too.

#3 We have rat and house problems that are kind of funny. But normal.

#4 Africanisms! You might be in Africa if..

1. You see a lot more pregnant women than back home. Philosophy of life! More family oriented. And a few more accidents...

2. Children play with beetles on strings (will explain next time)

3. Speaking dialect is like a tickle monster

4. every body wants white people hair

5. There is lots of email destruction which makes you unhappy.

#5 I love you soo soo soo!!! Much!!!

Dad--Keep it up! Do your best! Love what you do and do what you love.

Josh--Good luck on the AP test and having the ability to vote (soon), you betta use it well!!! Haha. Drive safe and follow the rules. Be yourself. Ya cant be nobody else!

Caleb--Keep up with school! Be smart in school. Keep the commandments and learn to get stuff done. Love life!

Luke--Don't worry about the bugs and diseases and stuff. We are doing our best here. Good luck with storytelling!

Grace--I'm not sweating as much anymore but I am still teaching the African people and stuff. I-m working hard out here for you! Keep being a good girl! I love you!

Mom--Thanks for putting up with my big shoulders. And breaking your tailbone. I guess sometimes ya just gotta remember that ya have to love yer kids--even when they can be a pain.... Haha. Jk. But I love you mom! Just don't stress yourself and you know the drill. Keep the Commandments. Have fun. Be safe. Say your prayers. Smile. And know that your 20 year old son in Africa loves you!!!!!!!!

Jacob 6:12!

Love you!

Elder Miller


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