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Date: March 28, 2011
Area: Manga, Mozambique
Companion: Delgado


Well that took a while...

Haha. So! Let me do my best to type a nice letter to y'all.

First of all, Driving in Mozambique is a pretty intense opperation. You have to watch out for all of the following simultaneously: Crazy people, kids, bikes, Motorcycles, cars, speed bumps, gigantic tire-destroying holes, dogs, cats, sand, mud, puddles, and anything else. It just so happens that some of these things take priority over the others. Why do I say this? Well quite frankly, it's because I hit a dog this week. He is in heaven now. I was on the Mozambican freeway when a dog wandered out into the middle of the road (they have absolutely no fear--cars usually just stop for them. Sometimes the people are the same way. They think that they always have the right of way so they don't move!) So I eased over to the side of the road in an attempt to pass the dog. Speeding up a little so that I could pass the dog (who was facing the same direction and preoccupied with the cars going the OTHER way) as I sped up to pass him (about 80 kph) He suddenly turned right into my path. Well I had already decided that if he did that I was going to hit him. There is no reason why I should risk the safety of me, my comp, people on the road and in cars for the sake of a dog. So I just hit him. I feel bad but if I had done anything else, it could have been much worse. So there ya go! I hit a dog. Living in Africa certainly is a thrill.

Unfortunately there ain't much time this week so I'll answer your questions and that might be all I have time for.

 What is Manga 1? Ok, In the province of Sofala, of which the capital is Beira, there is a suburban bairo (or district) called Manga, about 20 minutes south. This is my zone. The Manga zone. We take care of the Manga 1,2,3 and Inhamizua houses and people. The difference between a district leader and zone leader, is that a DL usually deals with things in the branch--working with branch council and meetings-- and also deals with the missionaries in one or two houses (it kind of depends). Zone Leaders are usually taking care of the missionaries problems or other bigger things that the DLs or branches can't take care of. We work with the APs and president and the couples to do basically whatever they need us to do. We buy gas for ovens, fix houses, pay bills, do stats, deliver tithing, run the Dist. Center, etc. It is pretty intense. We do have an area but alot of times we can't make it to our appointments because of what we have to do (a little annoying). Funny thing, in Maxixe (being exiled and away from anything important) being a DL there is almost like being a ZL. It is right in the middle. So I already kinda know what to do. But at the same time I don't have a clue. haha.

My comp is Elder Delgado. We will be leaving Mozambique together so he has the same time as me on the mission. He is also from Capo Verde but super relaxed and very easy to get along with. Pres. told me that he could probably get along with anybody. He has already had something like 7 comps. Anyways. A neat guy. Still getting to know him. He is super chill though. No worries with him.

I will attempt to learn Sena but we will see how much I can get in. They don't really speak dialect here a ton.

Dondo is not in my area.

Elders Brogan, Ah Pine, Nascimento, Sessions, Christensen, McCullough (the other one), Schnobrich, Kroon, McKell, Gray, Clawson, and... I think that's about it in my zone.

As far as packages, I got one with the Aps arrival here in Beira. It had this wonderful card reader! Cliff bars a boomerang, Nutrigrain bars, and CARPET! Feels really wonderful! So thank you! Letters I haven't got a ton. I got Brother/Sister Whiteheads V-day package. Much Appreciated thank you! I LOVE the pictures of other Elders.

Anyways, Thank you so much for all you do. Keep me updated on Libya. It looks pretty intense. Haha.

Love you tons!

Elder Miller


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