Have our children contacted our mission president for not writing?

Date: March 27, 2011
Area: Johannesburg
Companion: The other Missionary Porter, of course


 Dear family and friends,
    I remember several years ago - two missionary sons who never seemed to write.  We actually wrote one of their mission presidents to make sure that the missionary in question had not been kidnapped, lay dead, or gotten lost.  I now understand why they weren't always diligent in the letter-writing thing.  You do get really busy or is it just procrastination or laziness??
    It will probably take a couple of letter to say all I want to say - but who know?  I did just post a few more pictures.  There is one of Ivan - whom Richard talked about in a previous letter and there is one of Sammy - an incredible 17 year old who is so gifted musically.  In less than a year he has learned to play the keyboard and now the organ and plays regularly in Church. 
   I also posted some pictures of sunrises.  The pictures don't do justice to the incredible sunrises that we get here.  I am usually out exercising when the sun comes up.  There is this tendency to slow down and just gape open-mouthed at the sun.  It is really lovely.
   There are also some pictures of the Fruit and Veggie Market.  They have them everywhere and they are something else.  They make our produce sections look like nothing.  Over half the store is devoted to just fruit and vegetables - row after row, beautifully cleaned and displayed.  There are all kinds of fruits - some I'm not even acquainted with.  We have acquired a taste for Asian Pears which are more crispy like an apple but with the pear flavor.  They are round like an apple - not the kinds we get in the US.  They also have a big area of nuts.  They are in big plastic dispensers - like what they put cereal in at the MTC.  They have salted, raw, mixed, granola types, sweetened, flavored (One of my favorites is the lemon-herb cashews).  And they are so much less expensive than in the US.  The rest of the store is devoted to a deli, meat section and dairy.  They do not carry soaps, cleaning supplies, etc.  It is all food of one kind or another.
    We are extremely busy with the Institute and choirs.  We have now added Friday night activities - movie nights, game nights - so now we don't get home on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until about 9:30 and Thursdays and Fridays, 10 or even later - last Friday it was 11:30, but the kids are loving and we are getting them from further away.  It really does keep us busy and we have a great time with them.  We even have some non-members coming and the students make them feel very much apart of what we are doing.  Well, I will close for now and add more things next week.  That is a promise!   We love you all!  Go Well with you!  Love, Mom and Dad, Mutti and Papa, Rich and Sharon, Elder and Sister Porter


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