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Love from Peru, be home soon I Love You Mom Gift From Investigator To Bad I will be Gone When They Are Big Enough to Eat Gift From an Investigator
eye Clinic Service Project Eye Clinic Service Doing service at the eye clinic Temple trip Temple trip
Me nd he gang at the Peru Temple Trip to Peru Temple Me and my Host Family My Latest Baptism Happy Birthday Anthony
My 21st Birthday Cake in Peru That's One Big Statue We teach everyone in Peru I miss girls We took over the fort
Amazing Chalk Art Give me your Hand Can you Commit to Reading The Book Of Mormon New Convert Another pair of broken shoes
elder rowley,  elder virgi "in front" elder shanklin"in back" elder coons my army and rotc buddy "right" "the presidency of TEAM NECTAR My New Companion My sole has been worn out My Pet Monkey Going to the Beach
Christmas in Peru 2011 Christmas Skit Look what I found on my roof Hmmmmmm Like Christ, We Walk Everywhere We Go Mom, Can you help me mend my socks?
Coolest Convert Ever!!! I Could Do This Everyday Bapstism Day Yummy yummy food in my tummy Dinner Time in Peru
I would do anything to eat American food Yummy Food Do You Like My Haircut Dad Me and a Peruvian Family My Shirt
Look mom my bed is made Elder Rowley Rooofing a house Peruvian style House Guest My New Friend
A New Member in the Church Zone Baptism Mom I need new clothes Los Rosales-7/18/2011-Where I am currently serving Elder Rowley and Sister Marilyn
Elder Weber, Kennedy, Marilyn, Elder Rowley Kennedy and Marilyn Elder Weber and Marilyn Manti Temple (getting ready for my mission: 09/09/2010) Eye Clinic Service
Chillin at Eye Clinic Day Chillin at the Eye Clinic Hands to work, hearts to God Walked the soles off my shoes New Companion
Walking the shoes off my feet Andrea's Baptism My Birthday Cake A guest at the baptism The city I live in
More Baptisms Baptisms Baptisms Lunch at a investigators house The aftermath of a Church Activity
liahona A resident of my house A Peruvian Birthday Tradition Companions Birthday Cake Hermana Angelica and the crew at a dinner
Monkey at Zoo Zoo P-Day Paint Mixing Painting Crew Painting Day
Sarah's Baptism Parrot Pirahna Turtle at Zoo Family's Dog that takes care of us
P Day at the beach Our Mission T-Shirt Our Mission T-Shirt Jefery's Baptism More Moses
I am Moses Baptism Baptism Don't Worry, it's Pineapple Juice Stopping the Flood
Scary Spider Me in Cesar's work outfit My Peruvian Family Cesar Mama Betty
Paulo Liliana Guinea Pig Christmas Dinner Guinea Pig Christmas Dinner Guinea Pig Christmas Dinner
Name Tags Anthony and  his Companion at beach Peruvian Temple Nativity Scene Elder Cusme New Companion Cusme
Peruvian Homes A Taste of Home Mom, I did not do it Anthony in front of Palace Presidential Palace
Peruvian Statue Peruvian Coast Peruvian Coast Peru Advertising Booyaah!!!!!!
Peru temple My companion Go Utes, No matter where I go I am a Ute fan Me and my espanol teacher Me and my espanol teacher
Me and the gang at the Provo, MTC Provo, MTC Hey mom, look at my fort! Peru MTC
March 1st, 2017 Elder Rowley has returned home.
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