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Gotta go to the dentist! UGH!!!!!!

Date: May 16, 2011
Area: Puente Piedra Peru
Companion: Elder Claros


this week was good. we had to go to the offices for our interviews with the president. he interviews us every three months. and it went really really well. but ugh now i got a problem....... my cap on my tooth is coming off and i need to go to the dentist! ugh i hate the dentist and now i have to go to a peruvian dentists!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!  well i guess all i can do is pray and have faith that he won´t screw up my teeth, too badly!!!!! hahah. no, all is good. it does not even hurt. i just have to wait till the offices call to tell me about when my appt. is.

this week has been great. many spiritual experiences and all. we have an investigator named manuela! she is the maximum!!! or in spanish lo maximo. she is cool. we are teaching her and she told us that when she prayed about the book of mormon she recieved an answer and it was so great she did not know how to explain what she felt! haha. that is what we want. a person who asked with the 100 percent intentions of finding out if it is true and  asked the lord with a sincere heart, with real intent, and having faith in christ. moroni 10:3-5, wow! 

we also have been working with a family and we are going to finish baptizing them all. i promised  junior, he left for his mission a month ago, that i would teach the rest of his family and do my best to baptize the rest of them!!! hehe and i am going to keep it. but wow it is good, our recent convert mary is giving us many references and is amazing!!!!!!! but one of the greatest parts of being a missionary is the promise in d&c 84:88 i think it is, read it!  have fun. 
i had a great birthday! i am  not going to lie,  there are some days and mornings where i miss you guys a ton. but with the lords help i forget about myself and those days are actually my most spiritually  powerful days, i love it!!! mom i  love you to death and all. thanks for your love and support. peru is great down here and yea.  i love you all and I will see you all later!!!!!!
love, elder rowley


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