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Hands to Work, Hearts to God

Date: June 13, 2011
Area: Los Rosales
Companion: Elder Carlos


 i am great!!! the mission life is amazing. my new companion is cool, we are great friends. he speaks alot of english and we are having a lot of success in this area. the president congradulated me on our hard work in an email. at the end of the month the zone is going to buy ties for cheap. great ties too. good quality for about 2 bucks each. 
this week has been a very spiritual week for me. not going to lie, the lord has guided me very well. i have been trying to listen to the voice of the spirit more and wow. it is amazing what thoughts and actions the lord puts in your minds  and at times you even know what people are thinking and all.
ok, i have been thinking alot about the time  jonathan was in the hospital. and not going to lie these memories haunt me to this day. but all i know is that god saved him. i have been thinking about him alot. I miss him so much, but yea. we did service today and i tore my hands up. i got five blisters that all popped,OUCH!!!!. my hands were sore but you know me, didnĀ“t really hurt. but i will try to send a photo of that. life here in peru is great. i have had 4 months in this same area and at the end of this change i will have 5 months in my area and 4 as district leader. this morning was amazing 2 hours ago our investigator called us to ask me a question. he said elder rowley, what is your first name, cause my wife just had her baby and we want to name him after you, WOW! they are going to put my name in the babys name! that is just amazing. i never even thought i would ever recieve that honor let alone on a mission! i literally almost started crying cause this family wants to be baptized. only the problem is they need to marry first!,  wow!!!!
ok, well not only this morning was great. this week has been great. my companion and i have been guided by the spirit to many people who need the gospel in there lives! we have entered many houses by contacting and wow. they all want us to come back. we had 8 lessons with members, 16 lessons with nonmembers and 16 new investigators! wow, we had alot of success this week! we are getting the ward a little more excited about missionary work and more people are helping us and we have more coming up this week! wow
so we have a baptismal date for this saturday, a little 8 year old girl who knows everything! she always is attending church with her older sister and wow!!!!
this week has just been very amazing. i have seen the hand of the lord this week in my life in many many different aspects of my life. he has guided me to know exactly what i should say and how i should say it! and at times my spanishy is like amazing!! it is so amazing to see the lord help us!!!! well i love you all, have fun. remember the scriptures tell us all that we should do. they will help you resist temptation and all. and they are the words of god. see ya, have fun, chau!


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