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it was a scary lady!!!!

Date: June 27, 2011
Area: Los Rosales
Companion: Elder Weber


ok so this week has been crazier than ever!!!

elder heiss and i, another elder from orem utah, and he is my zone leader. we were doing a work visit, and so we were going to do the first contact of the day! and we knock on the door and this lady starts to yell, asking  what we wanted.  she did not open the door yet and so we tell her that we are missionaries and we have a message for her and then she says wait a sec. and then she starts yelling and she comes to the door and punched her glass door and her hand goes through the window and her hand was bleeding, then she looked through the hole in the window that she made and yells; what do ya want?  we said hi and walked away. we got sooooo scared!!!

and yea, i do not have much time to write more about my week, but i am safe and all is good. if you want to write me write me first please cause i do not have much time to write letters and it is hard to think of who i will write, please it is easier if you start first!!!! see ya


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