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HOLY COW!!!!!!!

Date: March 05, 2012
Area: Idabel, Oklahoma
Companion: Elder McNich


 Well considering we've had four baptisms in the last two weeks, I'd say I'm doing pretty good!   

So yesterday was probably one of the most eventful days in my mission yet.  To start off, we had 10 investigators at church, that's a personal best!  Then we went out to the former branch president's house for dinner, and we also had the Pate's there, the ones who showed up a couple weeks ago out of nowhere that live almost 70 miles from the church, yeah, so we had dinner with them and that went pretty good.  We shared a spiritual thought afterwards and talked about baptism, since they have four unbaptized kids over 8... yup.  So we did that then dad just went off and talked about how crappy the school systems are, with a former teacher of 40 years and a principal within a 5 ft radius of him...no there was no fight fortunately!  So after dinner they leave and we're getting ready to leave when the former branch president's wife comes up to the house on their atv (background info the Thomas', Bro.Thomas is a cattle rancher and has about 500 acres... he says that's not very much... so clearly they live IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!  It takes about an hour to get to the church) saying one of the cows is having trouble delivering her calf..........................................  Elders, can you wait about an hour? I really need to take care of this.  uh, okay... haha... then about 10 minutes later I'm watching Bro. Thomas shove his arms, not his hands, his arms, into the cow, and starts wrapping a chain around the front hooves.   Then he calls to one of his grandkids to 'grab the calf-puller!' Both elder McNinch and I are saying the whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????  The calf puller is about a 6 ft pole with a ratchet-winch on one end, and a hook on the other, so what you do is you attach the hook to the chain already around the hooves, and start a crankin' on the other end and POOF comes out the calf!  It was pretty nasty.  Then the youngest grandson turns to his mom and asks, is that what you did to me?

Yeah, it was pretty funny.

THEN! to top it all off, we're now on our way home, it's like 7:30, and Bro Pate calls us and asks, "How do I go about getting my family baptized?............"
Uh, you talk to us, the missionaries....both Elder McNinch and I really were about looking like this  
Needless to say we had a way awesome week!
Austin was the one baptized this week.  We also found another investigator this week, Vanessa, she was a media referral we found before we got the referral!  She's way solid, we know that because on Saturday night, it wasn't really the best lesson but she came to church the next day so she pulled something from it.

We're also starting to teach Francess' son, Bodee, he's 10 and has a date for the 24th

Everything else is going good right now, 8 hours isn't enough sleep, but we've gotta keep working, gotta keep teaching, gotta keep finding those prepared.  I love it out here.
Oh, and to answer Bro. Floods question, yes. 
 With love,
          -Elder Whicker


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