Semana 2 Em Americo

Date: December 25, 2011
Area: Américo Brasiliense, Ribeirao Preto
Companion: Elder Christian



I’m here again! This time the shift key works on the keyboard haha. Anyways, wow! What a week its been. Definitely one of the longest of my life but very fun and fulfilling. The Christmas tree looks awesome Mom and Dad and family! Thanks for sending that picture. And all you do. I bought a memory card reader thing at an iffy supermercado in Ribeirão Preto last tuesday so that I can actually send you some photos of me. Dad, to answer your question, Americo Brasiliese is probably comparable to Camas, yeah. We have to walk everywhere so it seems really way bigger than it really is. The church building is on Rua Princessa Isabelle I think? All the street names here are ridiculous haha. I remember in Texas the names of some of the streets in Sanger were Peach St. and Plum St. Here they are like Rua Giovanni Jose Lucci do Barbus de Santo Aracuba. (Not a real street, exxaguration haha) anyways...We are supposed to baptize 4 people on Christmas, but only one at the moment is progressing, Deusdeti. We have like 5 people that could be baptized as soon as they get married. It costs money to get married, that seems to hold people up some.
As I was saying, Elder Christian and I worked suuuper hard this week. I just want to point out that Elder Christian likes to walk at an uncomfortably fast pace....even faster than Dad walking while we are on vacation! Haha I thought I was a fast walker but this guy just blows by me at a normal pace. We walk all day, probably like 10-15 miles a day? We have three really big neighborhoods in our area, Dad you pointed out two of them. I think Santa Terezinha and Sao Jose are some? Walking to Vista Allegre is the worst! It takes like an hour to get there! But it is great dodging buses and cars and motorcycles on the way. Anyways, just google Americo Brasiliense Centro if you want to see the center of the city, I think you can see it there. There are just little shops in and around the city. Little Padarias or bread shops that are sooo good. 

One of our investigators, Deusdeti, was supposed to be baptized yesterday! He passed his interview, except for one part. Apparently he was like crying in the interview to be baptized, saying that he wanted to be baptized, then when asked if he would pay a full tithe his eyes dried up! We forgot to teach him the law of tithing!!! Haha he was like, ^What is this tithing!?`` I wasn´t there at the time, but that is what Elder Christian told me. I was in Araraquara when that happened because we did a split. Araraquara isnt my area, but im in the Araraquara zone. Araraquara is like a 25 minute bus ride, and I got to go there when the District Leader had to come here to give deusdeti the baptismal interview. Araraquara is HUGE. About the size of Portland, if not bigger. It was so awesome being there, and I got to be companions with Elder Marques who is from Manaus. Hes got a pretty funny accent and I had a blast being there with him. Anyways, here's a rundown of the week:

On Tuesday we went into Ribeirao Preto to the mission home because 2 more elders from Mozambique arrived. So the 2 who arrived with me and those two were formally welcomed at the mission home, and we had a massive lunch there. The mission home is so suave. Its really high up in this tower and they have an entire floor to themselves! Nice furniture, dining room, and the view was impressive. President Prieto is suuuuper funny, even though I can't understand him completely. He welcomed us new elders and taught us a little about how to work on the mission and what type of people to be. I learned a lot from him. 

Wednesday was the hardest day on the mission yet. Our goal after a really good companion study was just to talk to everyone and share the gospel with whoever we come into contact with. We walked alllll day and it was pretty hot and humid out, but we taught eight lessons and got eight new investigators that day, We started a fast that day too, and it was one I will never forget. We fasted starting after lunch before we started working, and I felt the spirit help me so much during that time that afternoon when we were talking to people. I remember talking to two guys, contacting them, and the portuguese just started flowing and I was able to say what I needed to in order to properly convey our message. I could understand them and just felt the spirit guiding me. When we stopped talking about the gospel and we were about to leave, I wasn't able to understand anything that they were saying. The gift of tongues was there for that moment and I am blessed to be able to experience it every day here on the mission. I have never appreciated water as much as I did on that fast. I am serious, it was so hot and we didn't drink water for 24 hours. By the next day when we ended our fast, I drank 3 bottles worth of water and just started to sweat profusely at that instant. Haha my body was like a dried plant and I guess I was all dried up. It felt good getting that desert out of my mouth and drinking water again. But that day was just another experience that builds the testimony. 

Thursday we decided to get out the ward list. Get this, out of 390 baptized members in Americo Brasiliense, only about 50 are active! E. Christian said in his last area, bebedurou, out of 700 only 80 were active. We said a prayer and chose 5 names off the list. The last name was a lady named Marcia, an older lady who hadn't gone to church in 10 years. Boy can she TALK! We were at her house for 2 hours as she showed us every photo of her life and told us everything about her life. We committed her to come to church with us yesterday and she accepted and CAME. It was awesome. Elder Christian and I gave talks, and she was like talking photos of us up there which apparently is not allowed? You can't take photos of the pulpit. It was super funny. She is a great lady and I am so happy that she came to church. 38 people were at church yesterday. Marcia is the first of many we hope to reactivate to bolster the numbers at church. She made me this sweet called a brigadeiro, which is like a ball of butter and chocolate with sprinkles on top and refrigerated. It was pretty good! The brasileiros use butter here like we use mayonaise and mustard on a sandwich. And today for lunch for the first time I didn't have beans and rice and meat, but they made little sandwiches of cheese and ham and scrambled eggs to put on the sandwich with butter haha. It was different putting scrambled eggs on a sandwich but good! It wasn't like a mcdonalds breakfast mcmuffin at all! 

We had a Christmas dinner at the church building in the area we have sacrament haha. It was awesome. They had....beans and rice....and chicken and this mayonaise and fruit stuff that was interesting to say the least. I am really enjoying my time here. I love the people here. The little kids just make me smile so much. Although I can't understand the people that well, I am getting better daily. My goal is to understand everyone in 2-3 months. Anyways, things here are Firmeza na rempeza! Hope you have a wonderful holiday. honestly I have no idea what we are doing for that. ? I'll try and let you know what is going on. I opened up the package with the advent and am just loving all those little notes in there. Thanks! I love the snow too! Its Elder Christians first time ever seeing it! I love you very much, thanks for the packages, Mom and family. Hope all is well there! 


Elder Teuscher


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