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A new girlfriend?

Date: April 26, 2011
Area: Székesfehérvár
Companion: Kennedy



So I am sending another email since the one yesterday was so brief. So on last Monday we went to this little lake called Sóstó. And we walked around and talked and we did a little bit of whipping also. It was a good day. 

Then on Tuesday we met with this super legit family. I love them. There are 5 people in the family. The dad Istvan, mom Erika, 19 year old son Istvan, 16 year old daughter Nikolet, and a 9 year old son Kartal. They are so fun. We went over and talked and had a good time, we talked about the restoration of the Gospel. And it was interesting. I see so much potential in them. So we will see where this goes in just a few more programs.

Wednesday we were in Budapest for a zone conference and there I found the rest of my package! Thanks! And then we had our conference where a member of the 70 came and spoke to us,  it was really insightful. and I learned a lot. 

Friday we set another bap. date. Super awesome. And you know about how i felt and how it started great then went bad and I yea... 

And Saturday was fun. The city days we spent the whole day with the part member family that lives up there. And it was kinda weird the 13 year old girl and her friend were with me all day. But it was good to just talk and practice Hungarian. Then Sunday we went back up and watched the two girls dance. It was kinda cool. And during the beginning everybody has a flower and they all gave them to me. So the 13 year old gives it to me!?!? So i guess i have a 13 year old girl that fell in love with me. HA!
But we think we are going to  put the kids on bap. date in two weeks for some time in june or july. So yea! 

Then on monday we had a bogrács party. We cook food over a fire in something like a big pot, hanging over the fire. (see picture) And we got our transfer calls, so i stay, my comp, Kennedy, goes to Budapest to be ZL.  But it will be good for him. And then I get Elder Mullen. So that was pretty much my week.


Elder Chris Clark.


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