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No letter

Date: May 09, 2011
Area: Székesfehérvár
Companion: Mullen


Yesterday was Mother's Day and we were able to Skype with Chris.  We met his companion which I really enjoyed. He was soooo dang cute.  He is from Orem, Utah.  They were able to be in a member's home for some time for both of them to skype their parents.  We met them also, such a cute family.  It's good to know that there are good people in Hungary who open their homes and their hearts to our boys.

HOWEVER that does not excuse him for not writing today. I got up looking forward to his letter...but noooooooooo he did not write:/  

All is well in Hungary, he looks happy and has gained about 25 lbs.  He could use it:)


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