Missionary Pictures

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Elder Poston and Adrian
My bed Elder Poston with President and Sister Sloan
Alex and Jennifer with Elder Poston
Elder Poston and Sister Jaramillos
Elder Poston and Elder Challis
6 Months down...only 18 to go! 6 months! 6 months!
Elder Poston's First Baptism - Kristel Ricalde
uh-oh working hard Elder Poston...Elder Hamblin
Elder Poston, Hermano Wilberto, Hermana Mercedes, Hermana Carla, Hermano Victor, Elder Hamblin Hermana Mercedes and Elder Poston
Mmmm Mmmm Be Strong!
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints My apartment is on the top left. Me and my companion, Elder Visca.
Just me... More pasta.... yummy pasta... Me and Darwin, the Bishop's son.
In front of our church Me with the youth of our ward A village A kitten for Chloe and Connor
Mama....I miss you this much!!! What?  Rocks on the beach? My Zone!  Half of us are going to Peru then Ecuador.
The sun was bright! This is what we do on Sundays after church.  Siesta: nap or as we say "siesta fiesta".  -nap  party- Elder Stewart and I.  Nice faces, huh? Me with Elder Bardinski from Australia.
Ecuador!  (and it's glowing) Me with Elder Stewart...look at angel Moroni. Elder Bowler and I in front of the Provo Temple. Me with Elder Stewart.
My companion, Elder Bowler.  El es mi bueno amigo! Bored....this is called the "frog". Another "siesta fiesta"! Relaxing on Sunday in front of the temple.
Elder Bardzinski and me!...and my companion peeking in the background. Me? Ironing?...Yup, sure am! During a fiesta siesta, we decided we'd pick Elder Leishman up...10 seconds later, we dropped him. We decided we would all wear glasses on Sundays!  Elder Stewart, Me, Elder Weaver
Powers of the Priesthood! Me with Elder Stewart! Graffiti in Lima, Peru. Elder Stewart and Elder Poston
Headed for Peru! Yay for P-day! Wow!  Welcome to a new world! Me and Elder Bowler going into town!
Peru! Mama, you would love it here! My new best friend....Elder Bowler and me!