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Maipu #18

Date: April 07, 2011
Area: Maipu, Argentina
Companion: Elder Moore


 ¡¡Hola Mis Queridos Hermanos y Hermanas!!

  Okay I just want to start off with. . . La Conferencia General(General Conference) was mind blowing.  It was soooooooo good, and I am glad that I got to watch all 5 sessions.  There is nothing better than listening to el Profeta Thomas S. Monson.  I know that he is the Profeta de Dios and that what he said in la Conferencia is what the world needs right now.  In fact all the people who talked in Conferencia talked about what the World needs right now.  They trully are inspired of God, they say what God wants to be said, and if we follow thier advice wi WILL get closer to God.  I hope that every single one of you was able to listen to at least one, if not all of them.  If you didn´t I exhort you to go online and listen to the talks, they are what we need in these days.  When the talks come out in the Ensign. . . ¡¡¡¡READ THEM!!!!  I testify to you all, that God wants us to, and that by doing it we WILL get closer to God. 
  La obra is going along very good here in Maipú II.  We had 9 different investigadores attend the Conferencia.  It was really great and every single one of them liked it.  Even the one who said she didn´t like el Libro de Mormón.  We are going to be having bautismos en seguido.  As I was watching la Conferencia General, in English, I realized that the Apóstoles, el Profeta, y los otros discursantes spoke about the doubts every single investigador has.  It was really amazing, one needed to know what our Church does to help the poor and Presidente Henry B. Eyring spoke on that exact topic in the session that Dora went to.  Another, Patricia, needed to know that Christ will always heal us, and a member of the 70 spoke on that exact topic.  I was stunned, not only was I being taught by the Spirit, but my compañero y yo were getting help from the Apóstoles y el Profeta.  Because of this Conferencia we are going to have a lof of bautismos en seguido.
  We have a bautimso planned for this Sabado(Saturday.)  His name is Robert Esquivel, he has 50 años(years) and we pretty much have to teach him like we would a child.  But he has finally decided to get baptized and he even asked for his own fecha bautismal(baptism date.)  We have other bautismos en seguido, Dora y sus dos hijas(and two daughters), Jorge y Mirna.  All of these people are going to get baptized.  They all came to la Conferencia General and recieved what they needed.  I know and I have the fe(faith) that they are going to be baptized.  We are working really hard with them and we are seeing the change in their life.
  Funny story for all of you.  One day we were going to contact a referencia, but there was a party going on in the house, so we kept on walking and clapped another house.  When the mujer came out she told us that she was Catolica and that she was going in to have surgury.  We told her we share a message of Christ and that she would be blessed by listening to us.  So she invited us in.  When we began teaching about Christ and the Restoración, we started talking about some of the Iglesias in the world.  When we started to talk about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints she stopped us and said "¿Los Mormones?  Yo no escucho a los Mormones." (¿The Mormons? I don´t listen to the Mormons)  When she said that Élder Moore and I looked at each other and then said to her that we are Mormones but it is because of el Libro de Mormón.  Shortly after that we left her with a prayer and left.  She wasn´t mad or anything, but started to cry because she felt the Spirit.  What a great experience.
  Well I want to leave you all with my testimony.  I know that this Church is true, there just is no way that it can´t be true.  After listening to the Profeta y los Apóstoles I know without a doubt that everysingle one of them has seen God.  They recieve revelation from Him and then give it to us.  There is no better way to be blessed than by obeying the Profeta and his council.  It is never too late to change and follow the will of God.  We do it by feeling the need, reconizing what we are doing wrong, seeking restitution, and they plead before God to forgive us.  No matter what we have done, we are all Children of God, He loves us and wants us to recieve la Vida Eternal(Eternal Life).  This I know because the Esíritu Santo has told me.  He will tell each and everyone of you as well.  ¡¡Les amo mucho!! Know that I love you and that God does too.  This Church is for our blessing and nada más.

Con Amor,
Élder Droesbeke


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