B.A.T.H. - "Late but Clean"

Date: April 25, 2011
Area: Cauayan City - Zone Leaders
Companion: Elder Cabanacan -


Just got back from Magit Dam. It is a big dam. We went with the assistants and others.

We had splits on Tuesday with the Victoria elders. I was here in Cauayan with the part-time missionary, Brother Caselo (who just got his mission call). He is going to be a great missionary. We went to Brother June, and asked him where he was last Sunday. He said he thought he couldn't wear sandals inside the church (or so was the excuse).

We had a great lesson with him on the second principle of the gospel, repentance. We connected it to coming to church and at the end he was laughing and committed to come to church next week (out of town this Sunday).

Sister Carmela came to church and has a date for baptism in May. Cauayan turned to a ghost town for Holy Week. Most of the stores were closed, the roads abandoned, and many of our investigators were busy/out of town, which made it a great time for finding new investigators! The messages focused around Jesus Christ, His Gospel, earthy ministry, Atonement and the restoration.

I remember President Gordon B. Hinckley sharing the story of President Joseph F. Smith. I'll paraphrase from memory. When he was sick on his mission he had a dream where he was walking toward a mansion or something and on his way he came across a sign that said B.A.T.H. There was a bath tub so he took a bath and put on some white cloths that were next to the bath tub. He then went to the mansion and the Prophet Joseph Smith came to the door. He said "Joseph, you're late." Joseph F. Smith felt kinda discouraged, but then said,"Yes, I am late, but I am clean." Joseph Smith smiled and let him inside where he saw many of his relatives who passed before him, including his father Hyrum Smith.

The Lord knew that while we were here on earth we would all make wrong choices and so He gave us a Savior. We can repent and be clean and there is no better feeling in all the world. This is what living the gospel of Jesus Christ does. It makes us clean from sin. If we don't want to take a bath, we don't have to.

We have in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that cleaning gospel, that message of hope and happiness and peace. That was restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith. "We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved by obedience to the laws, and ordinances of the gospel."

We bore our testimonies to these new investigators that living the restored gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace and happiness into our lives. We challenged people to prepare to follow the example of Jesus Christ through the ordinance baptism. I'll let you know how they are progressing.

Thanks for all you do mom and dad. Love you!

--Elder Hale


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