Message from Elder Dahlin

Date: May 29, 2011
Area: Cauayan City Branch 2 - Assistant to the President
Companion: Elder Bangal


E-Mail from Elder Hale's MTC Companion Elder Dahlin who is now serving as Zone Leader in Cauayan . It is nice to get some info on Elder Hale's activities hre as well...Elder Dahlin and Hale are  both based in Cauayan Area......

  hello family and friends this past week has been fun and busy.


this past monday we got up and ran over to the church to play with the
elders and SA group. then we got back home and washed and back out to e-mail and
then right back to the house to get ready for our zone meeting that we gave on
tuesday morning.

6pm came way too quick, as we were getting ready to get out the
door the assistants called us up and dropped off elder miller to work with us.
so we went out, all three of us to work. then we all got back together for BBQ
at a members outside restaurant.
tuesday morning came and we set the church up
for our zone meeting. sister carlos and the russel couple came and participated.
it was good we taught about 'unity' teaching with the spirit. then we met with
sister larson one of the couple missionaries here to practice and prepare for
the mission possible that we were going to be doing on wed. afternoon in ilagan.
our tuesday finished with lessons and getting to bed early for wed.'s
activities. wed.
morning came and we got together with the the sisters and
elders in cauayan zone and headed to ilagan to participate in the afternoon
 it started at 1pm and ended around 4:30pm. then it was back to our
area to work. it started to get really rainy. we got home a little late because
of the water on the ground.
 thurday came and i washed again. studied and got out
to work. thursday night we had some of the elders come over to our house for the
night because of a storm warning. so we stayed inside till that past.
friday we
weekly planned for this next week and then got out and visited
our investigators.
sat morning we got up and out of the house around 9am so that
we would be at an appointment in naguilian about 10:30am. after that we got back
to our area and studied and planned and headed over to the church for a baptism
in the sisters area.
it was raining really hard, and one of the sisters didn't
show up to be baptized.. i guess she will have to wait till next week.hehe.

sunday went well we had some new investigators at church. we ate lunch at a
members house. after lunch we got with elders hale and bangal. and studied at
their house. and then we all had a big companionship study. elder hale shared a
talk from elder holland titled ' safety of the soul' . that companion study has
been one of my favorites.

sunday night after our appointment we all got
together at members house from branch 2 to celebrate sister martines's b-day...
and now it is monday again and we are looking forward to an other good busy
week. and a baptism in naguilian and cauayan this next sat.

love you all is going good here. staying busy. thank you for your prayers,
love and support. it is felt

love you all

elder josh dahlin


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