Father's Day in The Philippines - "Hear Him"

Date: June 20, 2011
Area: Cauayan City Branch 2 - Assistant to the President
Companion: Elder Bangal


 HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom gets a phone call and you get an all CAPS message.

I love you dad.

I just got out of an interview with Elder Edwards and he specifically said to tell you that you are a good Dad. He specifically mentioned that, to tell you from him you are a good dad.

The song goes something like, "Jesus went to Jordans waters, when His work had just begun. God the Father spoke from heaven, 'this is My beloved Son, Hear Him.' Nephites gazing into heaven, saw the white robed Savior come, and they heard the Father saying, 'This is My beloved Son, Hear Him.' Joseph saw two glorious beings, shining brighter than the sun, God again presented Jesus, 'This is My beloved Son, Hear Him.'

Now think of that for just one moment.

One of the things I witnessed first hand this last week was two of my former companions leave for home, Elder Cabanacan (the little jerk) {Their inside joke :-), see a previous letter for the reason} and Elder Apin and 12 other amazing missionaries who have been my leaders and heros my whole mission.

As President Carlos might hum, "all their bags are packed, they're ready to go."
As companions we went shoulder to shoulder into houses, streets, Jeepneys etc. and declared to people that indeed, God again presented Jesus, in our time, to a 14 year boy.

President Hinckley was interviewed (He was interviewed on TV)  and asked if he really believed that. He responded, "Yes, that's the miracle of it."

Now how could a person possibly know that for themselves?

"As I read the scriptures daily, words of Christ the Holy One, in my heart I hear God tell me, 'This is my Beloved Son, Hear Him.'"
We welcomed 11 new missionaries last Thursday.

We got up at the crack of dawn, to welcome them off the freezing cold bus.

This week we will be traveling around the mission with Elder Edwards. (Area Presidency)

We have 3 Zone Conferences. Tomorrow in Santiago, Wednesday here in Cauayan, and Thursday in Illagan, and devotionals Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Tonight we have a Family Home Evening here at the mission home with President and Sister Carlos, Elder and Sister Edwards, and guess who they let us invite? The Gamit Family!!!!! They were all at church yesterday. I am strengthened by them.

We were busy with transfers last week.

Well we've got to go buy ice cream for the FHE. Sister Carlos was making some homemade ice cream, but it wasn't freezing quickly enough, so tomorrow we will enjoy that.

Yesterday President made the most amazing Father's Day roast. So good.

Our branch thought last week was Father's Day, so they handed out paper ties to all the dads. The week before that they announced happy Father's Day over the pulpit and people in their testimonies were wishing the dads a happy Fathers Day. They didn't bother with anything yesterday.

So have a good week, love you all.

The picture with Elder Bangal also has Brother Ronny, the Ef/Mensolo ( a hard worker at the Cascade Golf Course in Orem) of the Mission Office, he just got a new job, so isn't here as much. The new one is Brother June.

Tell everyone happy Father's Day from me.
Tell Weston congrats!!!! {Weston Hamilton , Johnny's friend, just received his Mission call to a California, English speaking Mission :-) }


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