Famlies Can Be Together Forever! 2 Most Important Words & 3 Most Important Words

Date: September 19, 2011
Area: Cauayan City Branch 2 - Assistant to the President
Companion: Elder Katao


We were traveling back from Zone Conferences in Tuguegarao. We dropped Sister Carlos and Sister Shaner off at Joy's, Sister Carlos's friend, who owns a store. While waiting for them to return we were talking about directions to the national bookstore. Elder Shaner asked, "Why are we going to the bookstore?" President Carlos's answer was simple, "Because the sisters want to go to the bookstore." They then shared with us some of the most important words in marriage. The 2 most important words are, "Yes Dear" closely followed by, "I'm Sorry." The 3 most important words are, "I Love You."

We taught the Manipon family yesterday about where we came from before birth. When we first started teaching the Manipon family, Sister Manipon would sit and listen, quietly, hardly a word. Sahren and Kristeen have been to church many times, along with their cousin Steve. They read, pray and are progressing. As we have continued to come to their home with the Gamit family to teach, we have see Sister Manipon begin taking more and more interest.

One teaching appointment we invited her to say the prayer. She declined, saying she would need to practice first. We said we would let her practice and have her say the prayer next time. We came by a day before our scheduled appointment and taught and asked her to say the prayer. She said I thought you weren't coming til Sunday, I'm not ready. When we came the next appointment she was ready. She bowed her head, and started almost before we asked for someone to say the prayer. The prayer was wonderful.

In teaching appointments as we direct questions towards someone, and there is no answer for a while, she will be the phone a friend that wasn't phoned. At the end of one of our lessons, she said, "I love this all, but you need to understand, I won't be able to come to church. I'm busy with the barangay and its finances (She is the barangay treasurer).

Of course the next lesson we gave was on the Sabbath Day. Brother Gamit shared a story he had read in the Liahona about a couple who lived in the mountains and got up early, early to walk to church every Sunday. We explained it was a commandment filled with blessings and a trial of our faith. She agreed with it all, but said again I told you last time I wouldn't be able to come. We came by yesterday after church and taught. Sahren and Kristin were not able to come to church yesterday and as we left we said, hope to see you all next week, and Sister Manipon came back with the response, OK, that might work. I am excited to see what will happen this next week.

Tatay has been present once, so our next appointment this Wednesday we have planned to have tatay (Brother Manipon) sit in and listen, quietly, hardly a word =). We may have been able to have already baptized Sharen (19 years old) and Kristin (Beehive). But as President Carlos says often, what would be best?

We witnessed the baptism of a family in a ward in Sanitiago yesterday. Mom, dad, and son. The baptizer was the father of a family who had been newly baptized a month or two before (His wife was interviewed by President Carlos). There was a family there who will be baptized in the coming weeks.

We will keep you posted on the Manipon family, and everyone else. I know families can be together forever. That is the whole reason there is a church, to strengthen the family.

Have a great week. Love you both so much.

--Elder Hale


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