High On A Mountain Top......

Date: November 07, 2011
Area: Cauayan City Branch 2 - Assistant to the President
Companion: Elder Katao


We were at the airport waiting for the Shaner's plane to land in Cauayan when I looked next to me and there was the Governor of Isabela. I butchered his name DY (DEE, but instead saying DYE), and then said the first thing that came to mind, "You can't beat an Isabela sunset. I love the sunsets here in Isabela." Some guy with a fancy camera took our picture and then I went to the truck, and they ushered Governor Dy away. I do love the sunsets here in Isabela.

Another "one of my favorite things" are the mountains of Vizcaya. Elder Maxfield spent about half his mission in the Vizcaya Zone, 3 different areas. He made a shirt while in his first area that said,"Dupax, sa itaas ng bundok." Or Dupax, at the top of the mountain. While I was with him he wanted to make another shirt that said something like,"Lagawe, sa pinakataas ng bundok." Or Lagawe at the very highest part of the mountain.

This last week we went on an exchange in Vizcaya, and got to drive through Lagawe as we went on a quick stop to Banawe. Memories came flooding back. I love the mountains. I loved going on young men activities in the mountains. I love hunting and fishing. Nephi was told to go to the mountain to pray to the Lord. The Brother of Jared speaks with the Lord upon the mountain. The Lord revealed himself to Moses on the mountain. Isaiah prophesied that the mountain of the Lord's House shall be established in the top of the mountains. There is something about mountains and there was something about the mountains of Vizcaya that changed my life.

It is always good to remember the past, as we prepare for the future, and live in the present. Remembering is one of the most important reasons for church each week. Just before Atoning for our sins, the Savior introduced the ordinance of the sacrament so we would always remember what He did for us.

I know Jesus Christ lives and that this is His restored church. Love you all have a great week.

The CarlosÂ’s did spoil us for our birthdays.

--Elder Hale


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